Opinions about Beko DFN05210X

Main advantage: 

With this dishwasher, energy savings reach 20%, being above the average set for moderate consumption equipment, being a very attractive feature for those who want to take care of the environment and avoid raising the costs of their monthly billing.

Main disadvantage: 

After reviewing the main purchase portals, we found that some users consider that the quality of the programming rotary button could be better. But with proper use it can last for an appropriate time.

Verdict: 9.6/10

It is a dishwasher with a simple design and great appeal, which will adapt both in size and aesthetically to the kitchen area. In addition, the steel structure is resistant.

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Main Features Explained

Working power and efficient consumption

The Beko house has a long history and an eminent position in the household appliance market. One of the particularities present in their products and valued positively by buyers is the fact that they offer high-end power and moderate power consumption.

This is the case of the DFN05210X model, whose casing has been provided with a motor capable of offering a maximum power of 2100 watts, recommended among the best dishwashers of 2022. In addition, it works with an alternating current input that is far from 220 to 240 volts. and 50 Hz frequency.

It is a dishwasher with an A+ rated electrical efficiency label. This means that after the device starts up you will achieve quite significant energy savings. In this sense, the standard consumption generated by the equipment will be 30% energy, which translates annually to a total of 290 kilowatts per hour of work. 

For its part, the expense for each cleaning cycle corresponds to 1.02 kilowatts and when it is turned off it is 0.08 watts. This means that by purchasing the Beko DFN05210X dishwasher, you will be saving 20% ​​of the electrical power compared to that used by dishwashers with an efficiency classification of type A. In this way, instead of enjoying a moderate consumption, you will obtain a very efficient one, with which we will be being respectful of the environment that is currently so affected.

With regard to the water consumption made by the dishwasher, we have that for each washing cycle it uses around 14 liters of water, for an approximate annual cost of 3920 liters. However, this measurement can vary logically depending on the type of cycle used, since some limit the amount of water depending on the load of the tray or the volume of accumulated dirt.

Design and format

Beko is a brand that is used to manufacturing appliances that are easy to integrate into the different spaces of our home. So, far from breaking with the existing decoration, the equipment usually gives the room a different and distinctive touch. This happens with its DFN05210X dishwasher, which, according to the opinion of buyers, is a piece of equipment with great design and format attributes. In addition, you can buy it at a very good price.

The case is robust, has precise cuts and quite detailed finishes, which show the high level of quality of the product. In this sense, it is a dishwasher that denotes elegance and minimalism. In the upper right part, there is a small control panel made up of some buttons, one of which is rotary. Likewise, it includes an LED type screen and light indicators. Thus, you will be able to adjust and monitor the predetermined washing-drying programs, regulate the four temperature levels, among other functions.

On the other hand, it is of interest to comment on the washing tray. This basket is quite spacious, providing a capacity for a maximum of twelve services. In this way, you will be able to carry out a correct distribution of the plates, glasses, cups, glasses, cutlery and any other utensil suitable for being inserted into the appliance.

Regarding the format of the dishwasher, the manufacturer devised dimensions of 60 x 59.8 x 85 centimeters, corresponding to the depth, width and height of the structure. In addition, the appliance has a weight of only 39.8 kilograms, quite light for an appliance of this type. Thanks to these technical specifications you will be able to independently assemble the dishwasher, selecting any area of ​​the kitchen that suits its size, without major inconvenience or the need to carry out annoying construction work.

Resistance and security

The resistance and safety offered by an appliance are fundamental characteristics that every manufacturer must offer through its products. For this reason, Beko uses high-quality raw material for the construction of each of its equipment. Likewise, it incorporates advanced technology, which guarantees safe operation, both for the care of the useful life of the device and the integrity of those who start it up. These are just two of the many aspects praised by buyers in the various Beko product lines, so it’s no wonder that their designs are often among the best-selling on the market.

In the specific case of the Beko DFN05210X model, the brand’s followers have praised the robustness, stability and durability of the materials. In this sense, you will find a case made of stainless steel, which is an alloy metal that has a considerable percentage of chrome in its mass. 

Likewise, it adds a small concentration of nickel, which acts as a passivating cover that will prevent oxidation and deterioration of the structure. This protection is generated due to the reaction of the metal components with oxygen, which have a high level of affinity. However, there are some acids that act detrimentally on the surface, wearing away the steel’s own coating. For this reason, the structure of this dishwasher has been polished and treated with an additional chrome treatment.

In addition, Beko could not ignore the issue of safety, so the DFN05210X dishwasher has been provided with a new system called Watersafe. It is a closing mechanism that is activated when the sensor detects a leak in the equipment, automatically stopping the inlet of water from the hose.

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