Opinions about Beko Gne60530DX

Main advantage:

Among the most outstanding qualities of this model, we have that it is capable of keeping all food in perfect condition for 22 hours, after an electrical failure occurs. In addition, it has two large drawers for freezing.

Main disadvantage:

Since it is a device that requires a drinking water intake for its dispenser, you must take precautions when it is assembled in the kitchen.

Verdict: 9.6/10

It is a refrigerator equipped with high-end functions, with an attractive design, an ideal configuration for storage and an efficient cooling system.

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Main Features Explained

practical and functional

Although the vast majority of American refrigerators are similar in the configuration of their doors, which are positioned along the entire length of the appliance, there are also models with a design that offers a different layout. In this sense, the Beko GNE60530DX could be the refrigerator you are looking for due to its practicality and functionality.

It is an appliance that gives you easy access to its interior. To do this, it has two large French doors at the top that offer a wide view of the refrigerator. The freezer area for its part, is located in the lower part of the device; with a format of two large drawers that have an efficient rail opening system.

On the other hand, it is a model equipped with a water dispenser; so you can have fresh water at all times. However, to enjoy this advantage, you must connect the refrigerator to a drinking water outlet suitable for consumption.

Additionally, taking advantage of the connection with the water intake, you can have ice available at home at any time. Thanks to the Ice+ function, the appliance is capable of automatically preparing up to 1.5 kilos of ice cubes and keeping them in its container located in its lower drawer. You can serve it with a shovel and provide your guests with delicious cold drinks.

modern and efficient

These appliances have found a niche in modern kitchens and are among the appliances that can offer the longest useful life. For this reason, the best American refrigerators can work for 10 or 20 years without problems; For this reason, you will rarely have to acquire any of these equipment.

This Beko model, in addition to offering a modern design with stainless steel finishes and anti-fingerprint coating, also has efficient technologies that favor optimal food preservation.

In this sense, it has Active Fresh Blue Light; a function that you can activate from its control panel and the one that favors the photosynthesis of vegetables and fruits stored in the two drawers of the refrigerator. For this reason, foods can retain their nutrients, flavor and vitamin C levels, while staying fresh longer.

Similarly, it has No Frost technology; thanks to which you no longer have to defrost manually. This is possible, since unlike other conventional refrigerators, the freezer of this model does not generate frost.

In addition, this equipment has a carbon filter against bad odors and a special treatment that eliminates pathogens from the circulating cold air. Therefore, you can avoid unpleasant odors and the proliferation of bacteria inside the refrigerator, which could spoil food.

Spacious and economical

Most opinions position this model as one of the best, not only because of its competitive price but also because it is a spacious refrigerator, equipped with modern technologies and, in addition, it is a saving appliance.

It is a device with dimensions of 84 x 74.5 x 182.5 cm and a weight of 129 kilograms; so you need a spacious kitchen. Its net capacity is 530 liters, distributed in 378 for the refrigerator area and 152 for the freezer area. Therefore, you will be able to efficiently organize all the food, containers, bottles and cans.

With regard to energy savings, it has the A++ efficiency class, which represents additional savings compared to another category A or A+ refrigerator with similar characteristics.

In addition, thanks to the LED lights strategically located on the rear wall of the equipment, you can have a better view of everything inside; regardless of where the food is located. At the same time they provide you with cold, clear lighting and savings in consumption.

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