Opinions about Beko HizG64101SX

Main advantage:

This modern Beko countertop stands out for offering up to four independent cooking zones to use containers of different sizes; quality very well valued when it comes to a large family. In addition, it offers efficiency and is made of resistant materials.

Main disadvantage:

An automatic ignition mechanism is missing to activate its burners, so for its operation you will need the use of matches or some type of additional lighter.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is a product that you can use at home or professionally, since it offers high-performance burners; so you can cook up to four recipes simultaneously.

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Main Features Explained

Cooking zones and controls

If you are looking for a gas hob that offers you great features at an affordable price, Beko has manufactured a model that might interest you. This is the Beko HIZG64101SX gas hob, culinary equipment designed for a large family or for kitchen lovers.

It is a worktop equipped with four efficient burners or cooking zones equipped with high power, which can add up to a total of 7,900 watts; which allows you to cook different preparations quickly for all your guests or family, thus saving time and effort.

The cooking zones are conveniently distributed to comfortably use pots, pans or containers of different sizes. To do this, it offers you a fast burner of 2900W, an auxiliary burner of 1000W and two burners of standard size of 2000W of power each.

Additionally, it is a model that provides intuitive and reliable handling. To do this, it has independent rotary controls located out of the reach of children, at the top of the hob on the right side. For this reason, they provide easy access when cooking and are far enough from the fire so that their location does not cause inconveniences when preparing food. In addition, you can regulate the intensity of the flame until you get what you need, depending on the dish you are going to prepare.

System security and compatibility

In general, when cooking with gas we expose ourselves to an overflowing pot or a sudden gust of air that can put out the flame, causing a leak that could cause accidents in the home and even cause serious injuries to people who are near.

In order to avoid this type of situation, today’s gas cooktops are safe and reliable; such as this Beko model, which has incorporated a modern system for automatic gas shutdown in the event of a leak due to the absence of flame. To do this, it has a safety valve in each of its burners, which is capable of detecting when the fire has gone out and automatically cuts off the gas supply, so you will not have to worry about accidents of this type occurring..

On the other hand, it is a model to use with confidence either with natural gas or with butane gas, according to your needs. It should be noted that as a security measure it is advisable that at the time of installation and also during use, that the room is ventilated; in order to avoid excessive heat build-up.


As well as being a high-quality gas hob, it also offers an elegant, timeless design. To do this, its aesthetic retains the traditional touch of the ever-present models but with a contemporary air that brings modernism to kitchens. Its standard dimensions are 58 cm wide x 51 cm deep and 3.9 cm high; so it fits perfectly on any kitchen counter.

It is made of stainless steel, a material that stands out for being resistant to high temperatures and is also hygienic, thanks to its non-porous surface that repels bacteria and germs.

To provide greater comfort at the time of cleaning and in order to offer optimal stability to the containers when cooking, it has two dual grills that efficiently cover the four burners. In addition, these grills or supports are made of enamel material that provides durability and long life.

According to user opinions, this model is considered one of the best value for money gas hobs, not only because of the features it provides, but also because of its low cost.

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