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Main advantage:

This is one of the most complete home alarm sets on the market, as it includes a magnetic sensor, a motion sensor with a camera, an intelligent control panel with the possibility of integration with heating, electricity and other devices in the home.

Main disadvantage:

If you are a bit short on your budget and you are looking for the alarm system that has the price that best suits your pocket, we recommend choosing another model. However, it is a product that will give you a lot of peace of mind at home.

Verdict: 9.7/10

Cataloged as an electrical device with class A+ energy efficiency, this is one of the best alarms for the home, since it highlights its advanced home automation, in addition to the fact that it will send you notifications to your mobile.

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Main Features Explained 

sensor type

When we start the search for an alarm system for our home or office, there are some factors that we must look at very carefully if we want to acquire a device that meets all our demands and needs perfectly. Among the most relevant technical characteristics, according to the opinions of the manufacturers, the type of sensor included in the kit is one of the most important, especially since the market offers a wide variety of sensors, each one with a unique operation and very specific.

In this sense, one of the greatest benefits of this home alarm model is the varied set of sensors that are included with your purchase. The Blaupunkt Q3200 intelligent alarm system is a complete kit with a control panel or central unit that includes a contact sensor for doors and windows model DC-S4, which is activated when the two magnetic pieces are separated when the door is opened. door or window that has that sensor installed. 

This alarm system also includes a practical motion sensor with an IR-S4 type camera included, which is activated as soon as it detects the movement of an intruder who tries to violate the security of your home, being able to distinguish if the movement is coming from a person. or the pet. In addition, the camera integrated in this sensor will allow you to immediately see who has activated your alarm, sending all the images and videos captured directly to your mobile in real time through the APP or by email.

Connections and extra functions

Another important technical characteristic is the type of connection since, to a large extent, it will determine the type of use that you can give the device, especially knowing that each home has a specific need, which must be taken into account whenever you have intending to buy a new alarm for your house. In addition, it is also important that you look at the extra functions that a certain alarm has, since, while there are basic systems that are cheap, you can also find more complex but slightly more expensive models on the market.

This home alarm stands out for being an intelligent system that operates with an IP connection that does not require any type of monthly fee for its continuous operation, which works perfectly with the internet. In addition, it has an anti-sabotage protection system that is very useful in cases where an intruder wants to damage or modify the protection. On the other hand, this alarm also gives you the possibility to add up to 8 contact numbers at the same time, such as your family, friends or neighbors, so each of them is immediately notified in the event of an attempt. violation of your home.

On the other hand, if in addition to the alarm system you want to control other aspects of your home using the central unit as general control, you will love this practical and versatile product. In this case, you can add several advanced home automation functions to the Q3200 control unit of this Blaupunkt alarm, such as heating control, general electricity consumption and other devices for the home, giving you the opportunity to program various operating hours and specific scenarios. for each one. 

Control and autonomy

Another of the most relevant technical characteristics of all the home alarm systems offered by the specialized market today is the type of control, since the most modern devices have managed to increase the level of security and, in turn, minimize the risks that can be suffered in a home or in an office, facilitating their management. This home alarm allows you to control two areas simultaneously, protecting a window or door plus another area thanks to its two included sensors, however, this model is compatible with up to 50 extra accessories.

One of the strong points of this Blaupunkt home alarm is the ease of use, specifically when activating or deactivating this alarm, since the use of its RC-R3 remote control is extremely simple and intuitive, in addition to the fact that you can take it with you. your keys comfortably thanks to its key ring. On the other hand, if you are one of those who likes to control everything from your mobile phone, this is your ideal option, since this home alarm system allows you to manage it from the Secure4Home mobile application, which is available for both smartphones. Android and iOS, with which you can control the basic functions from wherever you are, even if you are traveling while the security of your home is violated. 

Finally, the issue of autonomy in the event of electrical failures in the home should not be left aside, since, whether for general reasons or because an intruder tries to cut off the electricity supply to your home to put any security, it is important that the alarm remains in operation. At this point you can be calm, since the Blaupunkt Q3200 home alarm offers autonomy of up to 6 hours thanks to its internal battery, which comes into operation in any case of absence of electricity or blackout. 

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