Opinions about Bosch Bel523MS0

Main advantage:

Versatility and efficiency are the most outstanding attributes of this electronic model; since it offers you up to 8 automatic gourmet recipes and 3 cooking programs. It also gives you 4 defrost programs and the grill function.

Main disadvantage:

It is an integrable microwave that has an estimated weight of 19.5 kilos, so you may need help when mounting it on the heat column.


Verdict: 9.9/10

Satisfied users recommend the purchase of this appliance, since it offers easy handling, efficiency, an attractive appearance and the support of a recognized brand.

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Main Features Explained

Utility and versatility

The microwave is one of the most installed appliances in kitchens, since it is a product that reduces cooking times by up to half and is the first option when it comes to reheating food. Thinking about this, the Bosch BEL523MS0 is equipped with a power of 800 watts and up to 5 intensity levels, adjustable according to the dish you want to prepare. Therefore, you can have your recipes ready in a short time and with a minimum of effort.

Since it is an appliance designed for people who lead a busy lifestyle and do not have enough time to cook, it also offers you 3 cooking programs and the automatic function to prepare up to 8 gourmet recipes. You will only have to choose the weight, the food and get ready to taste a delicious dish.

Likewise, it is equipped with the Grill function that provides up to 1000 watts of power. For which it incorporates a resistance in the upper part of the cavity, which allows food to be grilled or browned in an efficient and simple way, while it cooks quickly from the center. In addition to all this, it also has 4 defrost programs; which facilitates the task of cooking without wasting time.

functional design

It is a modern, efficient and electronically operated frameless microwave. Its integrable format allows it to be embedded in a 60 cm wide column, for which you must consider its dimensions of 59.4 x 31.7 x 38.2 cm and a weight of 19.5 kilos. It also has a digital panel for intuitive operation, a screen with large icons with red LED light and a rotary control button; which favors its management.

It has a capacity of 20 liters and has a rotating plate that measures 25.5 cm in diameter, which gives you enough space to cook large portions of food. Likewise, the opening of its door is designed to improve the user experience, for which you only have to press a key and thus have access to its interior.

Likewise, its control panel integrates an electronic clock that you can easily program, in order to stop cooking at the indicated time. On the other hand, the interior of the cabin has LED lighting that favors visibility when inserting or extracting food. In addition, the manufacturer includes a practical and useful user manual with recommendations for use. Given all its features, user opinions position it as the best built-in microwave of the moment.

Materials and cleaning

When it comes to giving a modern and elegant touch to the kitchen, nothing better than built- in microwaves like this model presented by Bosch. It is a high-end model that you can easily integrate or embed, either in a piece of furniture or in a column; to give your kitchen a plus of distinction. It is made with materials that provide strength and durability, important qualities when establishing an estimated purchase price.

Both its external casing and its interior cavity are made of stainless steel; which not only provides an aesthetic component, but also extends the useful life of the device. Let us remember that stainless steel stands out for its resistance to oxidation, but it is also a material that resists bacteria, since it has a non-porous surface; which gives you greater confidence when cooking.

The front of the microwave (door and control panel) is designed in elegant black glass, an element of great strength; so it is designed to withstand handling and intensive use. In addition, both stainless steel and glass are easy to clean materials and since this model has a touch control, you can always keep it clean by simply passing a damp cloth over its surface.

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