Opinions about Bosch Ergomixx MSM67170

Main advantage:

This model has a 12-speed selector plus the Turbo function that allow a wide range of use to take advantage of the 750 W of power, and obtain uniform mixtures in a short time with each of the included accessories. 

Main disadvantage:

One aspect to improve in the design of the product, to satisfy users even more, is the reduction in the noise emission of the device. But, due to its efficiency, this detail may not be so relevant. 

Verdict: 9.8/10

The Bosch mixer has a power that can be adjusted in 12 speeds, in addition to Turbo mode for efficient performance in each of your preparations, also standing out for its ergonomic design and low price. 

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Main Features Explained

power and speeds

Hand mixers are very useful in the domestic kitchen, and therefore efficient performance is required in each process carried out. To guarantee this efficiency, it is necessary that the utensil has a good power, since the texture of the food and the speed with which it can process it for the different recipes will depend on this. 

In this sense, the Bosch MSM67170 model has a power of 750W which, in turn, can be adjusted to 12 different speeds to take advantage of the power of the motor, depending on the task performed. 

Additionally, the Turbo function, activated by means of an easily accessible button, allows you to maximize the force of the motor to process the hardest foods or achieve a faster blending speed, without forgetting that it also affects the optimization of the bearings to extend their useful life.. 

It is worth mentioning that the speed selector located in the upper part of the mixer also favors stable operation, since there is no risk that the power will decrease as can happen in mixers with pressure mechanisms. Similarly, it is worth noting the ergonomic design of this device with its non-slip handle that allows a good grip during use, thus increasing the benefits of the product to become an essential element in any home. 


The fact of having a multifunctional appliance to save space and money is very convenient and Bosch has been able to cover this need in the design of its products for the home, the Ergomixx MSM67170 being a sample of them.

Thus, the versatility of this product is obtained with the different accessories that complement the electric unit, since this blender includes a 600 ml measuring cup, a universal chopper together with an ice pick blade, in addition to stainless steel rods. with which you can beat egg whites, whip creams and prepare different pastry recipes. 

The chopper, on the other hand, can pulverize the hardest ingredients such as chocolate, nuts and other dry fruits, as well as facilitate the preparation of vegetables and mixtures with a volume of 500 to 600 ml. 

As for the exchange of utensils, this is very easy, because it is a very secure hooking system to hold each accessory well during the grinding or blending process.

As you can see, the different functions of this device together with the accessories will help you to mix, chop and grind ingredients to simplify the preparation of meals at home, always offering the best dishes and delighting your family with the best homemade food. 

handling and price

One of the aspects that stands out the most in the opinions of users is the extra-long and coiled power cable that provides greater freedom of movement to execute the different functions of the hand mixer.

Likewise, another of the advantages that we find when using this device is that the stainless steel bell has an anti-splash design, in addition to a non-stick coating that also favors cleaning.

In relation to this, we can mention that the removable parts of the mixer can be washed in the dishwasher, without any risk, since the resistant plastic containers are BPA-free and totally safe for food use. 

Now, you are surely thinking that because it is a Bosch product, its price is out of your reach, but you should know that this is not the case, because this blender has a low price, being one of the cheapest in its category, also standing out as one of the best hand blenders currently available. 

In addition, for its power it needs a 220-240 volt electrical network like most Bosch products, so do not forget to check your electrical connection to be sure that this tool will work correctly in your home.

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