Opinions about Bosch HbA512er0

Main advantage:

It is a product that among its virtues stands out its 3D heating system, thanks to which it allows you to cook up to 3 dishes at the same time, coupled with its power and its great capacity to give each food the best texture and flavor.


Main disadvantage:

Some fastidious people miss the retractable controls, in order to facilitate cleaning in the control panel. However, this detail does not impair its quality and performance.

Verdict: 9.9/10

Few models can boast a high score like the one offered by this Bosch oven, a product that many recommend for its ease of use and its multifunctional quality.

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Main Features Explained

Features and support

The Bosch HBA512ER0 is a large, powerful, multifunctional electric oven that also has the backing of a leading brand in the household appliance market in Europe. It is a model that has up to 7 different cooking functions; so regardless of what you want to prepare, you can always find the best option to give your dishes perfect finishes.

To do this, it is equipped with the upper and lower heat function, professional 3D heating system, large surface grill, hot air grill, lower heat, soft upper and lower heat and pizza function. In this sense, thanks to the 3D system that allows simultaneous heating on three levels, you can cook up to 3 different or identical recipes at the same time, all with optimal results. In other words, you can bake using up to 3 grills or trays at the same time and achieve homogeneous and uniform cooking results in each preparation.

For Bosch, the optimal performance of its ovens and the confidence it generates in the user, as well as their positive opinions , is something fundamental; so proud and aware of the high range of its equipment, it grants a guarantee of up to 2 years. Fact that speaks for itself of the high quality of the product.


This is an oven with a modern and timeless design, with black and stainless steel finishes that provides a touch of elegance to any kitchen. It can also be easily embedded, either under an induction hob or in a heat tower. For this, you must consider its dimensions, which are 59.4 x 54.8 x 59.5 cm, a weight of 31 kg and a depth with the door open of up to 1.04 m.

It is an appliance with a capacity of 71 liters, which is ideal when it comes to preparing food for a large family. It also has a telescopic guide level, which favors a comfortable insertion or extraction of the accessories inside the oven. In this sense, among the accessories you will receive, there is a professional grill and a very useful deep tray. In addition, it has a hinged door and a power cable with a length of 120 cm, which facilitates its flush mounting wherever you decide to put it.

In addition to this, it has a door with a child lock function and equipped with black safety glass, which remains cool to the touch. On the other hand, it is a product made of high-quality stainless steel, which allows you to have a durable and resistant tool.

Pyrolysis and design

Electric ovens, like this model, which have a pyrolytic function represent a great advantage over other similar equipment, since they greatly facilitate maintenance work. However, because it is a product that has a smooth stainless steel interior design without corners, you can easily carry out the cleaning task and without having to spend extra energy. In addition, it offers you halogen lighting to improve the visual field of its interior.

Bosch has equipped this model with a power of 3,400 watts, which allows you to cook efficiently and since it offers the function of rapid preheating, it is ideal when you are in a hurry and do not have much time. Likewise, it has an LED display with red lighting and two easy-to-use rotary controls, with which you can adjust all its functions.

You will be interested to know that this oven also has energy classification A, which means savings in the consumption of the electricity bill. Likewise, it has an electronic timer that stops cooking according to the chosen programming. Although it is not exactly one of the cheapest on the market, its price goes hand in hand with the efficiency, performance and quality offered by a recognized brand; which is why many consider it among the best electric ovens of the moment.

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