Opinions about Bosch HMT72G650

Main advantage:

The Bosch brand offers you a microwave with a beautiful design in which its comfortable dimensions and its maximum capacity of 17 liters stand out, so you can cook the foods you prefer without any inconvenience.


Main disadvantage:

You may miss the presence of the Start/Stop button that microwaves usually include. Well, this model does not include it, since its power is regulated and its operation is activated by means of a rotary button.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This could be the best built-in microwave for each of the functions it has to offer, starting with its timer and its Grill system to provide golden and crispy food.

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Main Features Explained


Taking into account the dimensions in which the microwave that you like the most is available is important, since you must have said space available in your kitchen to carry out its assembly easily.

In this sense, the HMT72G650 model has dimensions of 28 x 45.3 x 32 centimeters, making it one of the most spacious models available on the market. Also, its weight of 16,482 kilograms makes this a robust product.

On the other hand, it is important that you take into account that the turntable has a diameter of 24.5 centimeters. This ensures the handling of trays or plates of food as the case may be, so you can carry out uniform heating whenever you need it.

Likewise, in the case of a microwave with the dimensions described above, it is capable of giving you a maximum capacity of 17 liters, to cook different dishes of food in reasonable quantities.

According to the opinions of many users, this product can be assembled easily and in a short time, so you can put it into operation and start enjoying all the advantages it offers you.


One of the most common characteristics that a user usually takes into account when buying an appliance has to do with its design. If we are talking specifically about built-in microwaves, this detail plays a fundamental role when it comes to positioning it in the kitchen.

The Bosch brand this time offers you the HMT72G650 model which incorporates a practical frame that can be integrated with your purchase, so that you can adapt it to the space where you decide to carry out its assembly. This is made of stainless steel just like the outside of the microwave, so your kitchen will have an elegant and distinguished touch.

Likewise, for its easy assembly, a practical instruction manual is added with the purchase, where you will be able to observe in detail each of the steps to follow to quickly finish this task.

As for the interior of this product, it is important to mention that it incorporates adequate lighting to be able to easily visualize the food that you are cooking. It is also made of stainless steel, which has a long useful life and saves money in terms of unnecessary expenses.

The best of all is that when cleaning, this task will not take you long, since you will only have to use a little water, soap and a soft sponge to remove any type of dirt. 


This could be one of the best built-in microwaves not only because it is available at an affordable price, but also because of the variety of functions it has, appropriate so that you can enjoy proper operation at all times.

Thus, like all microwaves, this one also has the basic functions to heat, defrost and cook food, as well as drinks in an easy, comfortable and simple way. These functions could be delegated through the control panel present in its structure.

It should be noted that the power of this model is 800 watts, however it could work under a power of 1,000 watts by putting it on the simultaneous Grill function. Also, unlike other microwaves, with this one you can defrost your food thanks to a function that includes a special one for this action, therefore, when you need to save time you can use it without inconvenience.

On the other hand, if you want to get a delicious roast you can use the Grill and Grill function which will give you the opportunity to enjoy chicken, lasagna and another variety of foods with a crispy and golden finish.

You can also adjust the power of the microwave to 5 different levels, so that you cook or heat each food using the appropriate heat, you will also have a 60-minute timer at your disposal to prepare different recipes with ease.

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