Opinions about Bosch Kgn36vw3a

Main advantage:

This modern Bosch refrigerator has the efficient VitaFresh zone, consisting of two drawers for meat and fish and another large compartment for vegetables and fruit. This area favors the freshness and preservation of food.

Main disadvantage:

With an estimated weight of 74 kilos, you will have to evaluate the space in the kitchen where you plan to mount it, since you might need the help of another person to move it.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is an efficient, saving appliance, with modern aesthetics and also equipped with advanced functions. For this reason, many recommend it as a successful purchase.

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Main Features Explained

Brand and efficiency

Bosch is a German manufacturer with a worldwide presence. Thanks to its history and advanced technology, it is a prestigious brand that has earned a place of honor in homes globally. In addition, there are numerous positive opinions that support it for its high quality standards.

In this sense, among the best refrigerators, the Bosch KGN36VW3A stands out; a device that has exclusive features that provide efficiency and high performance when it comes to preserving your food for longer and with all its properties.

For this, it has a high-end AirFresh filter, which provides clean and fresh air to the interior without the need to replace it, since it can work throughout the useful life of the equipment. This filter is also capable of neutralizing bad odors and in this way, cross contamination that could be generated between foods is avoided.

Likewise, in order to provide optimum cold distribution and maintain a homogeneous temperature throughout its interior, this refrigerator has multiple air vents strategically located on the rear wall of the unit. Thanks to this, temperature fluctuations are minimized, cooling time is reduced and food is preserved in better conditions.


Bosch refrigerators have outstanding features, so their price is worth the investment. This model has No Frost technology; thanks to which it will no longer be necessary to carry out cleaning work that requires time and effort by manually defrosting the appliance; since it defrosts automatically and does not generate frost.

Likewise, it has an electronic control inside that allows you to easily adjust the temperatures independently, for the freezing area and for the refrigeration area; since it has different cooling circuits. Therefore, just by selecting the “Super” freezing, you can add new food to the freezer and make it freeze faster, protecting the food that is already frozen.

In the same way, when you want to store food in the refrigerator that is at room temperature, the “Super” function manages to lower it by up to 2ºC so that it cools faster and then after 6 hours, the appliance automatically returns to the normal refrigeration temperature.

On the other hand, it has the exclusive “VitaFresh” area; three drawers equipped with a system that favors freshness, since it is capable of creating the appropriate conditions to keep food fresh for longer.

The two upper drawers are intended for fish and meat with a temperature that can reach 0ºC; while the lower third is designed to store vegetables and fruits. Likewise, you can regulate its humidity depending on the food: low humidity for fruits and high humidity for vegetables.

Design and lighting 

It is a piece of equipment that offers you a modern, functional and adapted design for today’s new kitchens, since it has dimensions of 186 cm high x 66 cm deep x 60 cm wide; so it can be mounted on a piece of furniture or attached to a wall without taking up much space.

It is presented in white color and offers the freezer area in its lower part. It also has two doors opening to the right; however, you can mount them to open on the left side, since they have a reversible design.

Likewise, its useful capacity is 237 liters for the refrigerator and 87 liters for the freezer. In addition, it has easily removable and easy-to-clean glass trays.

On the other hand, it is equipped with LED lights that provide efficient glare-free visibility in all compartments of the refrigerator. In addition, they are long-lasting cold lights that do not need replacement and thanks to LED technology, they consume up to 10 times less than other conventional bulbs.

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