Opinions about Bosch MSM2620B

Main advantage :

It is a multifunctional model suitable for chopping nuts, hard foods, sauces, cheeses, among others, thanks to its design in the metal dome with QuattroBlade blades and its 600 W of power, which allow for optimal grinding and mixing results without effort.

Main disadvantage:

Some users miss other speeds to regulate the power of this mixer, since this model has only one speed, but it efficiently fulfills the functions for which it is designed.

Verdict: 9.5/10

Most users recommend this appliance for the characteristics of its blade, its power and its low noise, its quality being backed by the Bosch brand.

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Main Features Explained


When we look for hand mixers in virtual stores, we must consider the power of the product we are thinking of buying, since it is an important element that determines the strength of the shake and the efficiency in the operation of this appliance, which is why it must be carefully valued.

In this sense, it is appropriate to point out that the Bosch MSM2620B hand blender is a device intended for domestic use, which has an efficient motor capable of generating about 600 W of power and with which you can prepare all kinds of shakes, sauces, blend soft foods, crush nuts or make mixtures in a short time and with good results.

Also, according to the opinions of satisfied buyers, this kitchen tool is one of the best hand mixers on the market, because it has a fairly efficient performance, its noise is very low compared to others and it has a very competitive price, being widely recommended..

Together with the power of this product, we have to talk about the type of blade that is part of this blender, since it has been designed with the “QuattroBlade” technology, since its conformation of four perfectly sharp innovative blades, allow the blending work, mixing or grinding more effective and faster.

Regarding the power supply of this model, we must point out that it uses a compatible alternating current cable for power outlets with voltages of 220-240 volts, which is the electrical energy system approved for the European Union.

design and comfort

As it is a product that we are going to use in our kitchen, it is important to take into account its design, size, dimensions and weight, since it must be a tool that we can store in any available space, that is easy to access when we need it, that provide ease of use and that adapts to the elements of the kitchen.

In this context, it’s good to know that the Bosch MSM2620B hand mixer has no problem with those features. Regarding its design, we highlight that this model has a handle with an ergonomic format that allows an almost perfect adaptation to the hand, which, together with its low weight of just over 1 Kg, facilitate its performance for a more efficient and comfortable use in cases of continuous work.

For its part, the metal dome has a new and exclusive design that helps to obtain the best results of crushed or shaken, without splashes and with the least possible effort. Regarding its size, this model has dimensions of 6 centimeters wide by 6 centimeters deep and 38.5 centimeters high, so it will be very easy to find a suitable place for its storage, both on the countertop and in any closet.


Regarding the accessories included with the Bosch brand MSM2620B hand mixer, it should be noted that this model has different accessories that make it a versatile tool in the kitchen, as it is equipped with a universal chopper, a steel rod mixer stainless steel and graduated mixing glass made of plastic, which are ideal for storing ingredients and for facilitating food preparation. 

We must also highlight that all the parts of this mixer are completely removable, since it has a stainless steel ejection foot that guarantees the durability of its accessories. 

On the other hand, all these elements are made with top quality materials, which guarantees the resistance and durability of the product, while the plastic parts that come into contact with food are free of BPA, so they are completely safe. In addition, they are elements suitable for washing in the dishwasher and thanks to their innovative design it is easier to clean them manually.

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