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Main advantage:

The Bosch brand this time offers you a kitchen robot with a powerful motor, to process a considerable amount of food without any inconvenience. Likewise, its speed is variable and it has a turbo function that is characterized by having an electronic speed control.

Main disadvantage:

To mention a downside about this product, it is important that you know that this kitchen robot makes a lot of noise, as commented by some users. However, they assure that it is bearable and understandable as it is a product that works with a lot of power.

Verdict: 9.6/10

This model allows you to save considerable space in your kitchen, it also offers you a variety of special functions for each type of recipe. In this way, we are talking about a very practical and functional product.

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Main Features Explained


Kitchen robots represent a considerable level of functionality and practicality in the kitchen, as it is a product capable of providing the ease of preparing countless recipes quickly, conveniently and easily. It should be noted that these, depending on their manufacturer, have a variety of characteristics that without a doubt you could not leave aside when choosing among all of them, the one that can satisfy your needs.

In this way, the model MUM58720 sponsored by the Bosch brand offers you a product that stands out among many for its powerful motor capable of working with 1000W of power, which means proper operation. Well, according to the opinions of different users, it can process a considerable amount of food without any problem, all thanks to its robust motor.

For its part, when repairing each recipe, you can use 7 totally different speed settings to achieve a quality kneading or mixture depending on your needs. In this sense, we are talking about a food processor with variable speed and a turbo function with special electronic speed control, so that you can enjoy proper operation at all times.

Likewise, this robot has a container that, in addition to being made of stainless steel, offers you a total of 3.9 liters of capacity, but this is not what is interesting, but rather its shape that stands out for contributing to proper functioning in terms of the system. of 3D planetary kneading, as it is a very advanced mechanism, which performs movements in three dimensions so that the ingredients can be mixed properly. The best thing is that you could raise or lower the arm of this kitchen robot by simply pressing a button that is strategically located on the structure of the product, so that you have easy and comfortable access to it.


Before buying the best food processor available on the market, you should look at certain details that will help you deduce if the model you are about to choose is the right one for you, such as the design it has to offer you, since through the You could know both the dimensions, the weight or even the color and material in which the structure is made.

Thus, the MUM58720 model is characterized by offering you a very striking structure, available in red. It is made of high-quality plastic, which gives it durability for a considerable time, so that you can avoid unnecessary expenses in the future.

On the other hand, we are talking about a product that has special dimensions to position it in any corner of your kitchen, being able to use and store it without taking up much space, since its size is 28 x 27.1 x 28.2 centimeters. Also, in terms of its weight of only 5.75 kilograms, this food processor is light compared to other models available on the market.

To mention other details about this robot, it is important that you know that it offers easy storage of the cable that supplies power, for greater comfort. Therefore, once you finish using it you will be able to unplug it and store said cable in seconds, to avoid its breakage as well as any type of inconvenience.


The accessories that can include a kitchen robotThey will always be necessary to make the task easier when using it to carry out any type of recipe. In this sense, you should look at each one of those that can offer you a particular model, to determine the ease with which you can prepare each dish, in order to pamper the family whenever you want. As for example in the MUM58720 of the Bosch brand. This is accompanied by different special accessories to enjoy its use. Among them stands out a confectionery set with beater rods, kneading hook and mixing rods. While for cooking menus, as well as any dish, a grater cutter with three special discs for cutting and slicing is included. Also, you can enjoy a blender jar.

On the other hand, its manufacturer mentions the fact that you could acquire a wide range of additional accessories to meet your special needs, whether you generally chop meat, chicken or even make ice cream, all for a price that ends up being convenient for your pocket

Also, all these accessories are easy to clean, so this should not be a concern for you at any time. In addition, after washing them you can store both the pastry accessories and the cutter-grater discs in a practical case, which is also included with the purchase. It was designed with the practicality you need in mind, since it can be stored inside the stainless steel container without problems. Thus, you save space in the kitchen while keeping everything close at hand for when you decide to prepare your favorite recipes.

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