Opinions about Bosch Ppc6A6B20

Main advantage:

The main advantage of this countertop is that it incorporates the FlameSelect system, thanks to which you can choose the intensity of the flame depending on the food. In addition, it gives you the option of using natural gas or butane gas.

Main disadvantage:

It is a model that only has three burners, which may not be enough in the case of large families. However, it is a gas hob that does its job.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a model that has a modern, avant-garde design, of great power and efficiency, so it could be an excellent alternative to ceramic hobs.

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Main Features Explained

brand and durability

Bosch is a German brand that has made a name for itself in homes around the world, as it is a manufacturer that offers durable and reliable products. For this reason, it has numerous positive opinions from satisfied users, who recognize its prestige and high quality standards. All this is present in the Bosch PPC6A6B20, one of the best gas hobs from this manufacturer.

Not only does it have the backing of a recognized brand, but it also offers you an attractive and functional design that makes any kitchen look elegant. In addition, it offers excellent value for money, so you will not have to spend a fortune to get a modern and efficient gas hob.

It is a model that has a high quality black tempered glass surface, resistant to shocks, heat and scratches. Thanks to this, it is a worktop that gives you a long useful life and at the same time favors cleaning, since you will not need to make too much effort to remove food remains.

In addition, it has three grills made of durable cast iron and highly resistant to high temperatures. To facilitate their maintenance, you can easily remove them and wash them by hand or take them to the dishwasher for greater comfort; without this causing damage to its structure.

efficient and versatile

It is an efficient gas hob that offers you high precision when cooking your favorite foods, thanks to the fact that it is equipped with the FlameSelect system; a technology that allows you to choose between 9 intensity levels the most convenient flame according to the recipe. Gone are the days of relying on intuition to adjust the flame.

On the other hand, it has three cooking zones distributed on the surface; one small, one medium and one larger wok-type burner with double burner. These three burners offer you enough space to cook several types of preparations at the same time.

As for the power of each; the wok burner is the one that offers faster and more powerful cooking, since it has up to 4 KW. The medium-sized one has 3 KW of power; while the auxiliary burner can reach up to 1 KW.

One aspect where its versatile quality stands out is the possibility of mounting the hob as a countertop or through a flush installation, so that you could have an integral kitchen with all the advantages of a modern model. For this, you must consider its dimensions of 59 x 52 x 4.5 cm and its weight of 13 kg.

practical and safe

It is a worktop designed to make life easier when cooking, making this task more precise, practical and safe. In this sense, it has the GasStop safety system that automatically stops the flow of gas in the event that the flame goes out accidentally; which could avoid any domestic accident.

On the other hand, it offers a self-ignition system that favors practicality and comfort by not having to use matches. To do this, it has a one meter long cable that must be connected to the network. Likewise, its rotary controls aligned on the front of the hob are ergonomic and easy to use; allowing a quick adjustment of the power according to the preparation.

Similarly, it is a model that allows you to work either with natural gas or with butane gas; In this case, Bosch has included in its design a complete kit with the necessary injectors for its correct adaptation. In this way, you can cook using the type of gas that best suits you according to your needs.

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