Opinions about Bosch Tas1402 Tassimo Vive 2

Main advantage:

Equipped with Intellibrew technology, this small and functional coffee maker can automatically process more than 40 hot drinks; thanks to the identification of the barcode of each capsule, it intelligently adjusts all the parameters and can prepare perfect drinks.

Main disadvantage:

Apparently, coffee does not offer the most suitable temperature. However, it could be a subjective point of view, since for many it has turned out to be a high-performance model.


Verdict: 9.9/10

It is one of the best-selling coffee machines on the web, since it has the support of Bosch, great qualities and an excellent price-value ratio.

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Main Features Explained

Intellibrew Technology

Capsule coffee machines are the result of the evolution of coffee machines and given their practicality, efficiency and quality, their demand has multiplied in the market where user opinions position them as appliances that make life easier. However, some models have more advanced features and are one step ahead of their peers; such is the case of the Bosch TAS1402 Tassimo Vivy 2.

It is an electric, automatic and intelligent single-dose coffee machine; equipped with Intellibrew technology that allows you to enjoy delicious hot drinks quickly and without complications; To do this, it has an internal optical reader mechanism, capable of identifying all the information regarding each T-Disc, by reading the barcodes present on the capsule labeling.

For this reason, it is a coffee maker that analyzes the information provided and based on the stored data, can automatically prepare the drink of your choice. For which it estimates the time necessary for the elaboration, as well as the exact amount of water that is required; The result is a perfect drink with all the flavour, aroma and texture capable of pleasing the most demanding palates.


Single-dose coffee machines could be the salvation of coffee lovers who have little time and who cannot start their day without drinking this energizing drink. For this reason and in order to meet the expectations of many users, Bosch has created this model, considered by many to be the best capsule coffee machine of the moment, given the speed of preparation and the ease of handling it offers; so it is recommended for both home and office use.

It is a fast and efficient coffee maker, since it has an advanced heating system that minimizes waiting times; so once connected, the machine starts preparing the drinks. In addition, its intuitive handling allows it to be handled by anyone, even older adults; since you will only have to choose the capsule of your choice and press a button.

Likewise, you will have a wide range of options (more than 40) to choose the flavor of the drink you want; from the full range of coffees, to chocolates and aromatic infusions. To do this, you have a wide variety of Tassimo capsules, the brand compatible with this coffee maker.

Design and cleaning

We are facing a small coffee maker that could be the most recommended for small kitchens, since it offers a compact size that hardly takes up space. To do this, it has dimensions of 25.1 x 16.9 x 29.8 cm and a light weight of only 2.4 kilos; which favors its handling and storage.

It is a machine that admits almost any size of cup or glass, for which it has a removable and easily height-adjustable support; so you can prepare the amount you want of your favorite drink. Likewise, its structure includes a water reservoir with a capacity of 0.7 liters, enough to cover the coffee needs of a small family.

It also favors cleaning, since it works with a single dose, so it is not necessary to use ground coffee; Likewise, thanks to the steam pressure system it has, its maintenance is simple. In addition, it is equipped with an automatic descaling program. For this reason, it is a coffee maker that allows you to easily prepare your hot drink and keep everything clean and tidy.

On the other hand, thanks to Intellibrew Technology, it is an appliance that offers drinks with a unique flavor, since it prevents the transfer of flavors. Likewise, it has a power of 1300 watts that favors the production of full-bodied and sparkling coffees. In addition, with a variety of colors available to choose from, you can get the model that best suits your style and decoration.

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