Opinions about Campingaz BF5000

Main advantage: 

You will be able to move the stove with total comfort, since a bearing system has been incorporated to facilitate its rapid and safe movement. Likewise, you will have a pair of handles with an ergonomic format, arranged on the upper sides of the casing.

Main disadvantage: 

The absence of a temperature regulating thermostat can be seen as a disadvantage, since the adjustment must be made manually and this is inconvenient while we sleep.

Verdict: 9.7/10

With this butane gas stove you can air-condition the different rooms of your home. In addition, you can adjust its maximum temperature to a high, medium or low level, according to your convenience. 

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Main Features Explained

Format and mobility

If you have a gas stove at home, surely you usually take it from one room to another, since the objective of its use is to keep all the spaces warm. However, its mobilization can become an inconvenience if the heating equipment, apart from being very large, is heavy. In addition, we cannot forget the issue of its placement and storage. Remember that the ideal is that it does not take up much space, so that it does not create discomfort with respect to other equipment and furniture, especially if you live in a small apartment.

The developers of the Campingaz brand thought very well about these aspects for the manufacture of their BF5000 stove, whose format, height, width and depth is 78 x 45 x 35 centimeters. It is a team with a robust body, weighing 10 kilograms. But do not worry, since you will have at your disposal a pair of ergonomic grip handles on the sides. Thus, you can easily take the stove to take it to the second floor or vice versa. In the same way, you will be able to move it from one room to another quickly and safely, thanks to the fact that a base with its respective bearing system is attached to the bottom. These are the reasons why many users consider it the best stove.


With the arrival of winter, it is necessary to implement certain heating equipment inside our home or workplace. In this way, we will counteract the effects of cold and create a warm atmosphere both during the day and at night. Gas stoves are positioned, according to user opinions, as one of the favorite products, since they generally have a minimalist and elegant aesthetic that is quite pleasant. 

A good example of this is the BF5000 model from the Italian brand Campingaz, which, apart from heating the different rooms in your home, will also give it a distinctive touch that everyone will notice and enjoy. The casing of this stove has a rectangular format in burgundy or satin wine, which, depending on its nuances, can be combined with the range of beige, grey, blue or with neutral tones such as white and black. 

In addition, on the front part there is a face with two types of grille. Thus, in the upper part you will find two sections in the form of a shutter, while in the central part, the grid has a porous design. Through the latter we can appreciate the intensity of the blue flame generated after the heater starts up, which will visually help to set the room and make it much more welcoming.

power and fuel

Campingaz BF5000 is a stove with a very competitive price, which will allow you to enjoy high-end power and low fuel consumption. These are quite flattering characteristics in a team of this type and have managed to capture the attention of users worldwide.

This stove has been provided with a working power corresponding to 4200 watts, that is, 4.2 kilowatts. Said heating energy can be regulated to a maximum of three levels, as required by the room. Of course, to make the most of the 120 cubic meter air conditioning achieved by the device, you will need to check the dimensions of the room. Also, do not forget to compare the dimensions of the room with the capacity in square meters offered by the stove, which on this occasion corresponds to 25.

Regarding the fuel used by this Campingaz BF5000 model, you will need a 13-kilogram butane gas cylinder, which you must incorporate in the back of the structure. With this amount of fuel you will enjoy a maximum autonomy of up to 43 hours of operation, consuming 299 grams of fuel for each hour of work.

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