Opinions about Cecotec Ready Warm 9000

Main advantage:

With this heated towel rail you will not only heat your bathroom, but you will also be able to dry your towels or robes quickly and easily, thanks to the incorporation of the TwinHeat dual heating system with programmable operation.

Main disadvantage:

Although the manufacturer indicates the incorporation of a mounting kit, unfortunately this is not attached. However, you can purchase the caps and screws separately.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a towel radiator made of aluminum and enameled in white, whose design stands out for its elegance, adaptability to any bathroom and safety when handled.

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Main Features Explained

TwinHeat system

Cecotec is a Spanish company that with effort and perseverance has managed to stand out in a highly competitive market, developing quality products with advanced technology. Its purpose is to meet the needs of users and provide them with functional equipment that improves their quality of life.

This is precisely what happens with the Ready Warm 9000 towel radiator, which allows heating the bathroom and drying cloths efficiently, which has managed to capture the attention of buyers in a positive way, as well as positioning the product among the best heated towel rails

Cecotec’s Ready Warm 9000 has been provided with the well-known TwinHeat dual heating system. Thanks to this technology, you can program your heated towel rail to heat in a radius of up to eight square meters, using a maximum power of 500 watts, powered by an alternating current source.  

In addition, said temperature can be regulated at two different levels, according to your needs and those of the other members of the family. On the other hand, the emission of heat projected on the bars of the structures allows drying both the towel and the bathrobe that are placed around it. Best of all, even though you use the equipment at full power, the fabrics of the garments do not deteriorate.

IP24 protection

Towel radiators are equipment that work by means of internal electrical resistances, responsible for both generating and distributing heat throughout the structure. In this way, a correct emission of heat is achieved for the entire bathroom. As expected, during its useful life, the product will be exposed to the humidity typical of this type of room and of the clothes that you hang to dry. Likewise, it will not escape unexpected splashes during its daily handling.

In view of this situation, it is important and practically mandatory that the radiator incorporates a protection system against water. In this way, you will not have to worry about deteriorating its useful life due to excess moisture.

Ready Warm 9000 is a towel radiator whose main structure, as well as its lower control module, have been treated with IP24 protection. It is an insulating barrier that keeps all the electrical components of the device protected from water. This degree of protection extends both to splashes and to humid environments and with wet clothing.

Design and security

Design and safety are two of the main attributes that should predominate in a towel radiator, since, first of all, it is a piece of equipment that will be in our bathroom and will form part of its aesthetics. Likewise, it must be remembered that it has an electrical operation, which if it is not adequate, could cause some type of incident.

The Ready Warm 9000 heated towel rail from the Spanish firm Cecotec has a design suitable for any bathroom style. This is due to the detailed finishes of its structure and the modern cuts present both in the side bars and in the three sections of horizontal steps. The result is an elegant and minimalist towel radiator, capable of adding a distinctive touch to the room. In addition, at the bottom, there is a small control panel with two buttons and an LCD screen that shows the temperature.

As far as safety is concerned, Cecotec Ready Warm 9000 incorporates a convenient auto-disconnection mechanism that, upon detecting overheating of the appliance’s electrical resistances, immediately disconnects the flow of current. Thus, its operation ceases and internal deterioration is avoided.

In short, it is a product, which, according to the opinions of the buyers, not only offers a competitive price, but is also aesthetically pleasing and safe to handle.

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