Opinions about Cecotec Recolax ViscoGel

Main advantage:

This mattress stands out for its Premium Spring pocket spring core and the finishes on its sides, designed so that during the winter and summer seasons the circulation of air on the surface of the mattress is facilitated, providing a restful and pleasant rest.

Main disadvantage:

Some users have commented that they expected more firmness from the mattress, because it has been somewhat softer, but in general they consider that it is comfortable and that it adapts favorably to the body.

Verdict: 9.7/10

The Recolax ViscoGel mattress has been specially designed for people looking for stability, adaptability and independence of beds to sleep, with a good value for money.

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Main Features Explained

Viscoelastic and spring system

The Cecotex Recolax ViscoGel model is a pocket spring mattress created with the GelTech Memory Visco system, which consists of a high-quality viscoelastic layer with gel particle treatment, which favors temperature regulation to provide maximum comfort to the patient. Username. Thanks to this, the body temperature can stay cool while the user rests, because the heat that is generated while we sleep is quickly dispersed and adapts to our body, which is really effective during the hottest months of the year.

On the other hand, this mattress has a pocket spring system with Premium Spring technology of the highest quality, which provides a core made up of a series of individual and independent springs, providing users with great comfort, maximum breathability and total independence from beds, so this model competes to be the best value for money pocket spring mattress, according to the opinions of users who recommend it. Additionally, you should know that this mattress is presented as the most exclusive in its category, because it is 30 cm high so that rest is more pleasant.

Also, we highlight that with this model you could have a better body adaptability, absence of annoying noises when sleeping and a greater durability of the mattress, since its structure allows good breathability avoiding the appearance of humidity and provides the guarantee of complete freedom of movement for sleep, without disturbing your partner. Breathability is due to the Optimaltemp 3D system, which facilitates air circulation through the mattress.

Padded and upholstered

Another element that we must review when buying pocket spring mattresses has to do with the padding and upholstery system, since they are the most striking qualities that we observe in products of this nature.

In this model, we point out as a great advantage that it is equipped with the 4seasons system, since it has been designed with maximum technology on both sides, so that you can select the side of the mattress that you will use depending on the climatic season of the year, which which is beneficial for the durability of the mattress and to make it more comfortable.

In addition to the above, this mattress has the Double Sense Cloud Technology system, through which a sensation of superior comfort and maximum comfort is achieved, by combining layers of different materials and of guaranteed quality, which allows the mattress to offer a perception Cloud effect that gently envelops the user while sleeping.

This system is located on both sides of the mattress and favors the total distribution of pressure points on the body, which considerably improves blood circulation throughout the body and provides a good state of relaxation.

hypoallergenic properties

According to the manufacturer, during the manufacturing process of this mattress, a sterilization process is carried out through a hyperbaric chamber for a period of approximately 28 hours, through treatment with ozone, in order to eliminate bacteria and viruses that could adhere to the mattress. the different layers of the mattress, which would minimize the risk of suffering from possible allergies while you are using it.

In addition to this, thanks to the quality materials and natural fibers used in the structure of this mattress, hypoallergenic properties and treatment against mites are provided, which also guarantees a more hygienic, safe and healthy rest.

On the other hand, it should be noted that this mattress is one of the cheapest in this category that you could get in the virtual market, since it is offered at a fairly affordable price, due to the fact that it comes vacuum packed to facilitate transport, which which ultimately reduces its cost. It is appropriate to point out that this form of transport also favors the maximum hygiene of the mattress from the factory to your home, as well as its durability.

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