Opinions about Chuango G5 Plus

Main advantage:

Among the most outstanding home alarms without quotas on the market, this model allows you to control the activation and deactivation system from an application for smart mobiles, in addition to having two RFID cards for the smallest of the house.

Main disadvantage:

It is important to keep in mind that this model does not warn when it runs out of power or battery, so you will have to always be aware of the energy charge. However, it offers great benefits of use.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This model is considered one of the best home alarms on the market because it gives you the possibility to expand the system by adding more sensors to the control panel. In addition, it works with several frequencies.

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Main Features Explained

System and connectivity

If lately we have heard among our neighbors that there has been a wave of robberies in the area where we live, to avoid experiencing this bad time on our own, the first thing we think about is installing some protection system that secures our home or office, so the opinions of everyone we ask will point to the fact that we should buy an alarm for the house. However, when we go looking for one of these famous systems, we are amazed by the number of models and technical characteristics that they offer, so we will have to be very careful to make a choice according to our needs.

The specialized market is full of brands and models for all pockets, so if you are looking for the price alarm that best suits your budget, the first thing you should do is learn to distinguish between the different types of systems and connectivity they offer. current models. Therefore, this is the first technical characteristic that you must take into account when making your comparison between home alarms, being the one that will define the way in which you will be notified of any latent risk situation in your home.

Currently, the main connectivity systems that present the most outstanding alarms on the market are GSM or WiFi. Although the difference is very small between both types of systems, you should know that those with a GSM connection work by inserting a SIM card, while those that work through a WiFi network are directly connected to your home network. This home alarm model has GSM connectivity without 850/900/1800/1900MHz frequency quotas, so you can receive notifications directly on your mobile phone via SMS, in addition to allowing remote control thanks to an app for phones smart.

Sensors and handling

On the other hand, the important thing is not just to look at the control panel and its connectivity, since by itself it has no real use. Keep in mind that home security systems are made up of several components and accessories that make the device practical and useful, among which the importance of sensors within these products stands out. This is why the most recommended thing, after spending time to see the type of system that best suits you, is to worry about analyzing the sensors that are included in the package.

The current market offers a wide variety of different types of sensors thanks to the fact that manufacturers have been concerned with providing protection against almost all the risks and dangers that can occur in a home or office. Thinking about it, alarm sensors can range from smoke and fire, flood and motion sensors to magnetic and contact sensors, not to mention that some even have a built-in video camera that automatically activates with a certain sensor. Of course, it stands to reason that the more complex a particular component is, the more expensive the overall system will be.

Therefore, before making any investment, look carefully at what type of sensors integrates the system that you like the most, so that you can know how many areas of your home you can protect. This practical home alarm set includes a PIR-910 motion sensor that activates when it detects an intruder approaching the place where you install it. On the other hand, this set has two DWC-102 contact sensors, ideal for placing on windows and doors that you want to secure.

Accessories and expandable

Last but not least, it is considered that the accessories that are included with the purchase always provide an extra to any product that we buy, so it is not surprising that many users opt for those models that have more accessories in the package. packaging and the reason is simple, this usually reduces the costs of the things we buy in the long term, since we will not have the need to acquire any extra component that is needed because a certain purchase does not include it.

In this sense, you will always be favored if you look carefully at the accessories that are included with your purchase, such as extra sensors, RFID cards, remote controls, video cameras and many more. However, in addition to the number of extra accessories that are included, it is important to see if the system you are going to buy is expandable or has the possibility of adding more accessories in the future, since if you initially do not have the budget to acquire a model with many accessories but a basic one, so you can add more components in the future when the pocket is more loose again. 

This is why many manufacturers have been concerned to enable the possibility of incorporating more components such as sensors or cameras into their initial sets of home alarms in the future. That is why the Chuango manufacturer brand, in addition to the movement and contact sensors, includes an RC-80 remote control that allows you to arm and disarm the alarm remotely and two TAG-26 RFID cards, ideal for your children to carry in your keychain. In addition, this model allows the incorporation of up to 50 sensors a posteriori, as well as sirens or cameras, up to 10 controls and 50 RFID cards.

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