Opinions about COTTON ARTean 200 threads

Main advantage:

It is a product made of totally natural and ecological material that will make your bed look elegantly dressed. You can choose between the colors white and beige and it has the availability of six different measures of mattress size to select from.

Main disadvantage:

When washed, the fact that they are 100% cotton makes it impossible for them not to wrinkle. Therefore, ironing them is a step that will have to be fulfilled.

Verdict: 9.5/10

It is a set of sheets made of organic cotton that has become one of the best options for all those people with allergies or very sensitive skin.

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Main Features Explained


Its design is really very simple, since it comes in a solid color, plain fabric and without any extra decorations. The elegance of white and beige colors are the options to choose from. It is a bedding that brings a bottom sheet, a countertop and its respective pillowcase. Together they give a welcoming appearance to this important resting place. In addition, their neutral colors make them perfectly combinable with any pattern that your quilt looks like.

Its 200-thread count feature is also important, as it creates a fabric with more than perfect resistance and thickness to consider this model as the best set of sheets you can buy. Being on them, there won’t be a fabric with balls that bothers thanks to its anti-peeling guarantee. Its fibers work together to avoid retaining moisture and allow air to circulate while maintaining a uniform temperature.

Additionally, they are very fresh sheets that you can keep that way with proper washing and drying. Do not use bleach on them or dry clean them. It is best to machine wash without exceeding 30 o C or 150 o C when ironing and tumble dry at a low temperature.


Without discussion, one of the most outstanding features of this sheet set is the material it is made of. It is not just one hundred percent cotton, but it is organic and ecologically grown. The lands where the cultivation and production of the cotton that COTTON ARTean uses to manufacture its products take place have been guaranteed to be free of any chemical element that is harmful to the environment and people.

The first step to take care of its potential users is to select the best quality of fabric that will be in contact with the skin, so this manufacturer takes responsibility for organic farming into their hands. However, it should be noted that this model, as part of its collection of sheets, accompanies the ecological with the delicate detail of the clothing, generating a truly superior quality product.

Ultimately, this company takes a step forward to become an option for those who are looking for a highly reliable fabric. Positive opinions about the texture and smooth feel are numerous, especially from people with sensitive skin and prone to allergies. The uncomfortable or itchy sensations on the skin that many synthetic or artificial fabrics produce are reduced with this organic fabric.


The sets of sheets present in the market must be in accordance with the diversity of sizes of the mattresses that are offered today. The COTTON ARTean 200 threads, in particular, provides a perfect response to this reality by offering its model in six different sizes that will fit properly on a single, double or matrimonial mattress, Queen and King. Regardless of width dimensions, the fitted sheet will drape beautifully over any mattress not exceeding 12 inches in height.

The countertops are very spacious with dimensions that will allow you to wrap yourself comfortably with them. For their part, the fitted sheets come with specific measurements to which great attention must be paid if you want them to be splendidly extended and adjusted. The 90 size includes a 90 x 190/200 sheet. Other fitted sheet sizes are 105 x 190/200, 135 x 190/200, 150 x 190/200, 160 x 190/200 and 180 x 190/200. It is important to note that the 90, 105 and 135 include a single pillowcase, while the 150, 160 and 180 come with two.

Its price varies according to the size you select according to the dimensions of the bed you want to dress. Perhaps, when comparing with other options, the consideration of a somewhat high cost could make you doubt your choice. However, by putting its pros and cons on a decision scale, you will realize that it is one of the best investments you can make in your rest and that of your family.

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