Opinions about Delonghi ECP33 21

Main advantage:

This espresso machine has a capacity of just over a liter and has two nozzles to prepare two cups at the same time. If you are a cappuccino enthusiast, you will like to know that it incorporates two levels of foam.

Main disadvantage:

Depending on the type of coffee used, the coffee maker may be a little slower in discharging the already brewed coffee.

Verdict: 9.8/10

If you are looking for a complete coffee maker that allows you to enjoy freshly brewed coffee of high quality, this model has distinctive features such as an anti-drip tray or a professional filter. Prepare your coffee in a few minutes.

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Main Features Explained


One of the main characteristics to assess when purchasing an espresso machine is the capacity of the tank. This detail is especially relevant in the event that there are several users.

This model of the Delonghi brand stands out for incorporating a tank with a capacity of 1.1 l. This means that you can enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee with your loved ones without fear of it running out before time. It should also be noted that the tank is transparent, so that at all times you will be able to see what is left of the water inside.

Another advantage of this accessory is that it is removable. In this way, its maintenance will be facilitated. This is an aspect that we do not usually notice when choosing between several espresso machines. However, it is very practical that the tank can be removed without effort. It will only take a few minutes to wash it to return it to its place. So your coffee maker will always be ready to be used.


It’s clear that when it comes to coffee machines, what we coffee enthusiasts want is for them to be as professional as possible. This is fixed in this model by knowing that it has a total of three filters. You can select between one cup, two cups or ESE pods.

The filter is, therefore, of high quality and has aluminum finishes, one of the most common manufacturing materials for this type of artifact. With this espresso machine, you can prepare a coffee just for yourself or to drink in company. In these cases, any ground coffee will be an excellent idea.

But this coffee maker is also prepared to make coffee from bags, so if you have this format at home, it is perfectly valid. Another quality that explains the price of this espresso machine is the presence of an automatic electronic system. Through this, it automatically turns off after 9 minutes of last use and, of course, of inactivity.

Mechanism for cappuccino

Cappuccino enthusiasts are in luck with this De’longhi model, as it has a special mechanism to prepare this type of coffee. The ‘Capuccino System’ combines the action of steam, air and milk to prepare the creamiest cappuccinos.

You can choose, in this sense, between two levels of foam: only hot or creamy milk. Thus, you choose the degree of creaminess for your coffee. To do this, the coffee maker uses a nozzle with 360º mobility.

No matter what the size or format of the cup is, this accessory will surely be able to adapt to any circumstance. In the opinions about this espresso machine, this feature is highly appreciated, given that more and more people want to enjoy a cappuccino in the style of the best barista in town.


One last detail that draws attention to this espresso machine is the tray. This is adjustable and offers a huge capacity, since it allows you to use cups whose height is up to 13 cm. As we mentioned before, it is possible to prepare two cups of coffee at the same time with these dimensions.

Best of all, you can adjust this tray to two different heights, depending on the design of the cups or glasses that you are going to place. Another noteworthy feature of this plugin is that it is anti-drip, so you won’t have to worry if, by accident, a little coffee is spilled during its preparation. By including grids, the liquid will be well collected at the bottom.

To clean the tray of this coffee maker, you just have to remove it and scrub it as usual. You can let it dry and then place it in its place. All these elements make up one of the best espresso machines you can find today. Sponsored by a renowned brand, it is a model that has luxury finishes.

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