Opinions about Dishwashes Balay 3VF305NA

Main advantage: 

In addition to the elegant, modern structure with detailed finishes of this built-in dishwasher, there is a robust format with adjustable height, which has been designed for spacious kitchens, being attributes that have managed to attract the attention of buyers.

Main disadvantage: 

The work cycles of this dishwasher are a little longer compared to those offered by other models. However, buyers comment that its operation is satisfactory.

Verdict: 9.8/10

With this built-in dishwasher you will not only leave the dishes clean, but you will also considerably reduce the consumption of water and electricity. In addition, it has a pleasing aesthetic and intuitive operation.

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Main Features Explained

Design and format

Among the best dishwashers on the market you will find this Balay brand model, which has a robust, spacious, modern and elegant design, as well as a good price. The structure has a series of detailed finishes that will be obvious, assuming that this is a product with marked quality standards. The door is hinged and incorporates an ergonomic handle, so you can easily manipulate it. Aesthetically, the structure is white and on the top line a gray control panel stands out along with a small LED screen, attached to display the programmed temperature and time. 

Inside the dishwasher, we have a lower basket and an upper basket of the adjustable type, with a chrome look and rod format. It is a fairly spacious area, where you can place a total of 13 sets of plates, cutlery, glasses, cups, glasses and other utensils.

Also, it is necessary to indicate that the design of this dishwasher is integrable, so it will need prior construction work to be built-in in the kitchen. In this sense, the issue of the dimensions present both in the casing and in some accessories is of great importance, since a bad decision could lead to inconveniences during assembly.

Regarding the dimensions of this 3VF305NA dishwasher, you will enjoy a height, width and depth corresponding to 81.5 x 60 x 55 centimeters respectively, being measurements designed for spacious kitchens.

It is important to mention that the base of the equipment is adjustable in size. Thus, if necessary, you can adjust this area, increasing the height to a maximum of 87.5 centimeters. In addition, you will not have to incorporate any type of extension, since both the power supply cable and the water inlet and evacuation hose are long enough, measuring 1.75 x 1.65 x 1.9 meters.

electrical efficiency

When purchasing a dishwasher or any other appliance, it is important to evaluate its electrical efficiency, trying as much as possible to bring home the equipment that has the lowest possible consumption. In this way, we will be putting our grain of sand to reduce environmental pollution. 

In this sense, we will have to be consistent with the energy consumption generated by the equipment. For this, it is important to know the classification of the electrical labeling, which is divided into seven efficiency categories that go from the letter “A” to “G”. Thus, you will be able to know if the dishwasher has an efficient, moderate or less moderate consumption. There is also the classification A +, A + + and A +++, which suggest a very efficient consumption.

In view of this situation, Balay has focused on manufacturing products with a high level of efficiency, taking into consideration that approximately 86% of the energy consumed by this type of device does not come from a renewable source. For this reason, your 3VF305NA dishwasher model offers us a 10 or A++ classification label, which indicates a minimum electrical consumption and an obvious saving in terms of monthly billing. Best of all, it is an environmentally friendly artifact.

The equipment has been provided with a high-end work force that corresponds to 2400 watts, its AC input can range from 220 to 240 volts and the frequency is equivalent to a range of 50 – 60 Hz. In addition, this dishwasher offers a annual consumption of 262 kilowatts per hour of operation and 0.92 kilowatts in each wash cycle executed.

According to the opinions of the buyers, this model developed by the Balay house is a good option, designed for those who want a device capable of offering a good optimization of the electrical energy consumed after the dishwasher starts up.


By acquiring the Balay 3VF305NA dishwasher you will have at your disposal a device with four programming modes, which you can select according to your needs of use. In this way, you will achieve very good results when washing your dishes.

At the top of the device you will find an intuitive control panel with several identified buttons. Thus, when you press “All in 1”, the equipment will adapt to the type of detergent you have incorporated, carrying out the washing cycle automatically. This will favor the cleaning results obtained on the different utensils, plates, cutlery, pots, pans and glassware.

On the other hand, you will have the “Half load” option, designed for those times when we want to wash the dishes, but it only fills half of the inner basket. By starting this programming mode we will be promoting savings of up to 20%, both in water and electricity, with respect to the consumption generated for washing a full load.

In addition, with this equipment you will be able to continue carrying out your daily activities without having to worry about constantly monitoring the completion of the washing cycle. To do this, you only have to press the “1 hour” button and a 65ºC washing cycle will immediately start, which will automatically stop after a period of 60 minutes. Thus, you will get a shiny and dry tableware without worries.

Finally, the Balay house incorporated a work mode that will definitely help optimize water and electricity consumption. It is a technology developed based on a sensor, capable of detecting how dirty the dishes are. In this way, by activating the “advanced ECO” program, you will be able to automatically adapt the water load according to the amount of accumulated waste. Likewise, the washing time is shorter and the energy consumption is lower.

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