Opinions about Dolce Taste Jovia EDG250 B

Main advantage:  

The Jovia EDG250.B coffee maker is capable of providing you with efficient operation, as well as the practicality so that you can prepare everything from long coffees and cappuccinos to teas and chocolate drinks. Similarly, some of the systems it has even help you save energy at home.


Main disadvantage:

The water tank of this coffee maker has a total capacity of 800 milliliters, which may be insufficient if your family is large. In addition, it is a manual coffee maker.


Verdict: 9.6/10

If manual coffee machines are your thing because you feel that this way you have complete control over them, then this model could meet your needs.

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Main Features Explained


De’Longhi coffee machines are recognized not only for their functionality, price or practicality, but also for their design, since among many models sponsored by other brands they are usually very attractive; as happens, for example, with the Dolce Gusto Jovia EDG250.B that has an elliptical shape, therefore, its oval features give it a touch of elegance and good looks.

By having this unique shape, it is not only shown as a totally different product from the rest, but it is also capable of suitably combining on your countertop without taking up much space, due to its narrow base and its standard measurement depth. Likewise, the De’Longhi brand markets this coffee maker in three different colors, these being black, white and red, although at the time of purchase, depending on the tone you choose, you should consider its final price since it could vary a little bit.

On the other hand, in addition to having an innovative appearance and a series of very attractive colors, among which you can choose the one you prefer, it is important to mention that the coffee maker is made of a combination of high-quality materials, such as plastic and the stainless steel.

Among other details that stand out in this model, regarding the design, is the anti-drip tray present in the lower part, which, in addition to being removable, allows you to adjust its height so that you can use cups and glasses of different sizes.


Observing the design of this model, you will surely wonder how difficult it will be to carry out the cleaning process in this coffee maker. For this reason we will talk a little about this feature, since according to the opinions of many users it is rather an easy and simple task to complete.

This is primarily due to the fact that according to all the components of the coffee maker they can be washed in a dishwasher without any inconvenience. In case you do not have a dishwasher at home, this will not be a problem for you, since it will take only a little more of your time to carry out the maintenance process manually, but it is still a simple process.

Likewise, we must also mention that this model has an automatic descaling warning, which will be activated when the system identifies this need in the coffee maker, thus preventing the model from deteriorating. You will be able to notice the activation of said warning once the switch of this appliance begins to flash orange.

Because of these and many more details, we could consider this the best De’Longhi coffee maker, since it is characterized by its practicality and functionality at all times.


Although it is a manual-type coffee maker, this does not mean that it is no longer a practical product, since it should be noted that thanks to this feature, everyone can choose what type of drink they want to drink instantly. With this model you could prepare, in addition to a wide variety of long coffees and cappuccinos, teas and chocolate drinks. Best of all, is that according to your needs you could choose if you want to consume them hot or cold.

As for its operation, the coffee maker works with a 15-bar pressure system, so you can enjoy more flavor and aroma in each coffee you prepare, while the power of the appliance is 1500W. Likewise, this model helps you save energy significantly, due to the automatic shutdown system that it includes in its operation, which will be activated after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Regarding the water tank, it should be mentioned that its capacity is 800 milliliters and that it has a liquid level indicator, which will be of great help so that you can check when it is running out and when it is time to refill it..

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