Opinions about Dormio Sapphire

Main advantage:

As it is a mattress with a height of 21 cm, it can be adapted to standard height bases, without increasing the elevation too much, so you can lie down comfortably or sit up in bed. On the other hand, the materials that make it up provide durability and good support to the body.

Main disadvantage:

It is recommended to consider that the hardness of this mattress is intermediate, which for some people, so it is not a soft mattress. However, it can provide adequate support for the spine.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is a viscoelastic mattress designed to provide you with an anatomical surface, with seats for two people and provided with treatments against bacteria that cause respiratory or skin allergies.

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Main Features Explained

Storage and cleaning

Both the cleaning and storage of our mattress are issues of great importance that we cannot let go unnoticed, since they directly influence the useful life of the product. In this sense, the Dormio house was quite careful during the manufacturing process of its models. Thus, it manages to offer users a series of rest surfaces with a high level of quality, which can be easily handled to be stored when not in use or when transported. Likewise, the work team of said brand emphasizes the cleaning of the mattress, incorporating specific treatments that repel dirt and the frequent spills.

The Zafiro viscoelastic mattress is a model that brings together some of these typical characteristics of the Dormio brand, which have made it worthy of multiple positive evaluations by buyers. Likewise, it appears as one of the favorites of users on the web.

Regarding its structure, at the time of purchase you will receive a mattress rolled under a vacuum technique, which suggests considerable space savings and comfort when transporting it. This is possible due to the absence of springs and the presence of a core with memory, due to which it can quickly recover. In this way, you will only need to unpack the mattress carefully so that you do not damage it and then spread it out on a flat surface for at least 24 hours.

On the other hand, there is the cleaning method of this Sapphire memory foam mattress from Dormio, which according to the manufacturer can be washed superficially with the help of a damp cloth. Also, it is valid to apply a specialized product to remove stains, being necessary that after this process you place it outdoors and in the shade until it dries properly.

Design and format

When evaluating the design of the best viscoelastic mattress, there are several aspects that we can refer to, being the case of finishes, format, among many others. These characteristics are usually evaluated by buyers, who are not only looking for an anatomical resting surface, but also want an attractive product that can be adapted to the bed base they have at home.

In the specific case of the Zafiro model of the Dormio brand, we have that it is a viscoelastic mattress with an independent bed, designed to improve the individual’s rest experience. The mattress will initially catch your eye due to its sleek, minimalist aesthetic. This is evidenced by its outer covering in a white tone, while on the sides you can see a breathable fiber in a burgundy color. In this way, the product offers a quite harmonic visual contrast.

In addition, both sides have been decorated with a series of diagonal seams, which give the design a distinctive and original touch. Likewise, on the sides, a series of vertical stitches stand out, which provide a sense of volume to the structure. For its part, all the edges have been carefully dotted and reinforced to prevent them from unraveling due to constant use.

About the size of this memory foam mattress model, you should know that its sides are spacious enough to accommodate a maximum of two people. Thus, you will enjoy a surface with dimensions width – length corresponding to 150 x 190 centimeters respectively. In addition, we cannot fail to mention the 21-centimeter thickness of the mattress, being a robust measure that is suitable for various supports. However, always keep in mind that this type of mattress is manufactured to carry out the perspiration process through the sides, so it is not suitable for bathtub-type beds.

Resistance and certification

The raw material for the manufacture of a product is essential for it to offer good performance, accompanied by a long useful life and influencing its price. This explains why the Dormio house places so much emphasis on the subject of the materials used in each of its mattresses, dealing with certified fabrics and with a high level of quality.

The Zafiro model is a viscoelastic mattress that today has achieved an important position in the market, for having a rest surface that combines a series of materials, all of them grouped by layers. Thus, the construction of the mattress begins with a sheet of viscoelastic with a thickness of two centimeters, followed by TST fiber and a 17-centimeter ELIOCEL foam core with three-layer padding.

Again, another sheet of TST stands out, accompanied by a special anti-allergy fabric. In addition, all these layers have been compiled under a stretch-type textile coating on both sides, being a fabric with an adequate level of breathability and a pleasant soft touch. For its part, in the area of ​​the sides, the manufacturer used 3D mesh, which allows proper perspiration inside the mattress.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that all the materials incorporate some additional treatments, preventing the proliferation of bacteria, mites and mold. In this sense, you will not have to worry about respiratory or skin conditions after being in direct contact with the rest surface.

On the other hand, we have that this Dormio viscoelastic mattress has been tested in the laboratory, thus complying with a series of characteristics regarding the reliability offered by the manufacturing materials. In this way, the product has been deserving of the AITEX and OEKO TEX certifications, these being indicators of the high textile quality of the product.

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