Opinions about Electrolux EGD6576NOK

Main advantage:

This hob offers a versatile design, since in a single appliance you can find two sources of cooking: gas and electricity; allowing you to choose the most convenient cooking method according to your needs.


Main disadvantage:

The price offered by this modern board could be a limitation for many, since it is one of the most expensive at the moment. However, its quality and support are worth the investment.


Verdict: 9.6/10

It is a product that, according to the opinions of users, offers great features, easy handling and the guarantee of a recognized brand.

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Main Features Explained

Innovation and tradition

Electrolux has incorporated the best of two technologies into its EGD6576NOK board; On the one hand, it has two burners that work with natural gas and on the other, it offers you the option of a modern and sophisticated induction hob with two cooking zones. For this reason, it is a mixed model that combines innovation with tradition.

Its two gas burners give you much lower energy consumption, since natural gas is the cheapest energy source; It is also the least polluting. In this sense, we have that a gas cooker emits only 200 grams of CO2 for each kWh of power; while glass-ceramic plates can produce more than double.

Likewise, with its traditional gas fires, you will not have any limitation to use any type of kitchenware; either steel, aluminum, ceramic, clay or iron. While induction hobs only accept pans with a compatible metal bottom, such as stainless steel, enameled steel or cast iron. For this reason, with this plate you can use any utensil you have at hand.

Likewise, its induction burners do not generate annoying fumes, they are faster than gas burners and are easier to clean in the event of an accidental spill; That is why this versatile model adapts to all your culinary needs.

efficient and safe

In the induction zone, this plate has two burners capable of quickly reaching high temperatures, which favors the cooking time regardless of the dish you want to prepare. In addition to this, these burners have Power Boost technology, which allows extra heat to be generated to reach high temperatures instantly; so you can achieve your recipes in less time.

Unlike some of the best ceramic hobs, the induction zone of this model does not generate residual heat; since its operation is based on a magnetic field that is activated on contact with the bottom of the container, so it is the pot or pan that is heated and not the plate. For this reason, the surface remains cool to the touch.

On the other hand, burners that work with natural gas give you the option of being able to make the respective adaptations to use butane gas safely, since they have the appropriate injectors to work with this energy source. In addition, to provide greater safety, Electrolux has equipped this hob with Thermocouple technology, a system that guarantees peace of mind when cooking, as it automatically cuts off the gas supply if the burner flame goes out.

It also has a device capable of deactivating the plate in case of accidental manipulation by children; to activate it, you must perform the respective unlocking. In addition, thanks to its timer, once cooking is finished, the hob turns off automatically.

functional design

The dimensions of this mixed plate with 4 cooking zones are 59 cm wide x 52 cm deep and 5 cm high and its weight is 11.5 Kg; standard measures that you can perfectly adapt to your kitchen. In addition, it is a product that could steal the limelight, given its elegant design and its black glass-ceramic base, which brings elegance to culinary environments.

To facilitate the task of starting the gas cooking system, it has buttons with electronic ignition and, in turn, these burners have two supports made of high-quality cast iron, in order to offer stability and cope with the high temperatures.

The induction zone, for its part, offers you 9 easily selectable cooking levels and touch controls that favor the user experience. It also has the Stop&Go function, thanks to which you can stop and resume cooking food quickly with a single touch.

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