Opinions about FAC 946-RP/80

Main advantage:

It is one of the safest and most difficult models to burst. Not only because of the structure of the bolt itself, but also because of the additional elements included in the cylinder, with anti-pick and anti-bumping technology, among others.

Main disadvantage:

Given the size of the main locking bolt, it is necessary to turn the lock four turns to fully open the deadbolt. So this process of opening and closing is not exactly fast.

Verdict: 9.6/10

FAC presents us with the improved version of one of the best security locks ever, with which to have both the strength of a traditional design and new security technologies. And all this while maintaining a competitive and interesting price, according to the opinions about it.

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Main Features Explained

Layout of the lock

The design of this model corresponds to that of the classic bolt in two pieces and with a metal handle inside. A design in which we have a large metal bar, which is the connecting element between the door and the frame, when it comes to giving us this security. This bar has a considerable thickness, thus preventing the entrance from being easily violated.

As for the element located in the area of ​​the door, this consists of the space to pass the bolt or bar during closing, as well as a special support, which prevents it from jumping after a strong blow, such as a kick or the like. Something to which its clamping elements contribute, which generate an efficient grip.

Regarding its opening, we are talking about a product that incorporates the traditional system with a cylinder and key for opening from the outside, although to achieve complete opening it is necessary to turn the key four times. To open from the inside, we just have to press the system release button and pull the bar, using the handle included in the bar itself.

Additional security measures

As a revised model, this product has the additional security measures that are most common in today’s security locks. Among them we have the antibumping system. To do this, the bowler has a system of floating diabolos arranged in a V shape inside, which make it difficult to burst the bowler from the inside. This technology also contributes to avoiding the use of picks, since they are lost through this system of floating elements.

As for conventional external threats, the new built-in shield prevents drilling attacks, so the process of physically cracking the lock using tools is also significantly complicated. A protection in which levers and crowbars have also been taken into account by adding a side shield, which is located in the door frame. This shield prevents these tools from finding a foothold when plotting to break in.

Assembly and installation

As a final aspect, it is time to talk about the assembly and installation process of the lock, in which we also have aspects to highlight. One of them is the fact that the lock does not have a certain side, so it can be installed either to open from left to right or from right to left, as you need.

Regarding the measurements, the lock has an adjusted size, 142 millimeters wide with the bar closed, of which 85 correspond to the lock and 33 millimeters to the bar support. Therefore, it is not a particularly cumbersome product when it comes to mounting it on different types of doors. In addition, it is offered with cylinders of 50 and 70 millimeters in length, depending on the thickness of the door on which it is to be mounted.

What is important to know is that the product has been designed for interiors, so that the lock can be mounted on all types of doors of this type, but it is not recommended for mounting outdoors. For this assembly, the product is accompanied by all the screws, plates and anchors necessary for the lock to be correctly installed. They are also accompanied by the corresponding keys, to execute the opening of the door. 

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