Opinions about Fermax 6201

Main advantage:

This intercom stands out for including with your purchase everything necessary for its installation, including the recessed box for the panel, thus facilitating the entire fitting and handling process.

Main disadvantage:

The doorphone volume control system is located inside the phone’s casing, which can be awkward to adjust as you’d have to remove a few screws.

Verdict: 9.5/10

6201 by Fermax can be a good option in this category due to its accessories and ease of installation, so we advise you to take a look at everything it has to offer.

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Main Features Explained

goalkeeper design

The opinions of some experts may coincide in the fact that, in order to acquire the best intercom, one of the first aspects that you must consider is its structural design, since these devices are usually installed near the main entrance.

The Fermax brand, on this occasion, has for you an intercom set made up of a built-in box, a City Line Classic panel, a City Max Basic telephone and its respective 12V power supply.

In the case of the phone, we find a device designed in a simple and straightforward way. Its dimensions, packed, are 5 x 26 x 8 centimeters and its weight is approximately 290 grams. It has a special button to open the door remotely so you don’t have to go near the entrance, as well as an ergonomic headset connected to the equipment with a curly cable.

The doorman’s recessed box, on the other hand, has dimensions of 11.5 x 11.4 x 4.5 centimeters and is where you will place the intercom near the door of your residence. With this device your visitor will be able to ring the bell, call the phone and communicate with you through the loudspeaker. Thanks to this, you will be able to know who it is before letting it pass.

Manufacturing materials

Another characteristic that could influence the purchase price of an intercom is its manufacturing materials, especially if you want to install it in a place where it is exposed, since these must be strong enough to guarantee the integrity and durability of the equipment.

In this case, the intercoms offer a wide variety of options, but the Fermax 6201 model stands out for something in particular: treatment for resistance against ultraviolet rays. This is located in the goalkeeper plate, which is made of anodized aluminum which is light, but resistant to be able to withstand being outdoors.

Which leads us to mention the next quality of this plate and that is that, thanks to its manufacturing materials, it can easily be installed outdoors and exposed to the weather elements, since it will not be damaged by the sun or rain.

As for the phone, you should know that this model has a unit made of ABS plastics which, in addition to being much more resistant than regular plastic, also make it easier to clean the equipment. You will only need a damp cloth and a little alcohol to remove any stains or accumulated dirt and keep it looking new for much longer.

Installation and requirements

When it comes to intercoms, it is very important to take into account the installation requirements so that you can avoid inconveniences when you want to mount it in your home or building. Therefore, before making your purchase decision, consider what you will need to be able to place it as it should be and guarantee good performance.

But perhaps you shouldn’t worry too much about it if you decide to purchase the Fermax 6201 intercom. This model comes with an assembly kit that includes everything you need so you can easily fit the panel into your entrance and if you already have a old Fermax doorman installed, it will be even easier. This intercom has a built-in box similar to that of other models in the line, so perhaps you would only have to disconnect and connect a couple of cables to have everything ready to use.

Regarding the intercom telephone, it has one line, although you can connect the panel with two more units if you wish. It also has its respective base and anchoring set so that you can mount it wherever you want in your home and thus have easy access to it when you receive visitors without having to spend extra money on screws.

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