Opinions about Flex Pocket

Main advantage:

This Flex mattress provides the user with great firmness and stability for a better rest, thanks to its Pocket Spring pocket spring block structure that provides independence from beds with a progressive adaptation to the body and, in addition, incorporates hypoallergenic anti-mite padding..

Main disadvantage:

As a disadvantage of this product, we could say that the color of the mattress surface makes it more prone to getting dirty easily, but if you put a protector on it, that point will not be a problem.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a mattress recommended for those who are looking for firmness, adaptability and comfort to rest, thanks to the quality offered by Flex.

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Main Features Explained

Structure and pocket spring system

The Flex Pocket model is a rolled mattress that incorporates in its structure a core of pocket springs with Pocket Spring technology, which were individually sewn and pocketed by a textile cover that allows them to act independently of beds and a progressive firmness according to pressure. you receive, for an almost perfect adaptability to each part of the body, especially in the lower back and extremities.

To guarantee maximum comfort, durability and resistance of the mattress, the shell includes an external reinforcement of high-density HR foam, known as the Comfort System, which prevents the springs from losing their properties, offering a stable and homogeneous surface. With this type of pocket spring mattress, two people can comfortably sleep in the same bed, with different sleeping habits and needs without affecting the couple, thanks to the fact that the springs work as independent shock absorbers, which absorb the weight and movements, without sitting on the rest of the mattress.

Together with the above, this mattress incorporates into its structure a padded layer made up of two soft foams that improve the comfort and reception of the mattress at the time of the user’s initial lying down, providing an enveloping rest, which has been called the Super Soft System. Sense, so your restful nights likely won’t be interrupted.

hypoallergenic technology

According to the opinions of users satisfied with the purchase of this mattress, it is considered the best pocket spring mattress, because in addition to its spring system and a price that fits many budgets, it includes hypoallergenic and athermic fibers in its padding, which They allow to maintain a constant temperature for better perspiration of the user’s body in contact with the mattress. Likewise, we must point out that this model has an elastic stretch upholstery, which also helps the mattress to breathe and the maximum adaptation to the inner core.

In this context, it should be noted that this mattress has been specially designed for those people who are sensitive to dust particles, pollen or any other allergenic agent, so the hypoallergenic technology incorporated into it will help you with these situations. allergies so they don’t get worse.

On the other hand, we point out that this mattress is made with top quality materials, is endorsed by a brand with many years of experience in the manufacture of mattresses and that it is well accepted in the Spanish market, offering a guarantee certificate with a validity of 2 years from the delivery of the product to cover any manufacturing defect, which gives confidence to potential customers. Although you should know that mattresses have a long useful life, there are even models that can exceed up to 10 years while retaining their good properties.

mattress dimensions

It is important to know the dimensions of the mattress you want for your bed and if your purchase is online, this is one of the aspects that you must verify before purchasing this type of product. In this sense, we must point out that this Flex Pocket model has dimensions of 135 centimeters wide and 190 centimeters long, which adapts perfectly to a double bed.

But there are also mattresses of this model for larger beds, such as king size or queen size, as well as for single beds, so you could choose between any of the sizes offered depending on the size of the bed you have at home.

Another advantageous aspect offered by this model is its four support handles, which facilitate the process of transporting the mattress, making it easier to move it in case you want to turn it over. Remember that specialists recommend that mattresses should be turned at least twice a year.

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