Opinions about Foodsaver FFS015X

Main advantage:

If you don’t want to complicate with especially complex products, this model has everything you need: an efficient vacuum pump, a sealing system that offers good results and easy handling for all types of users.

Main disadvantage:

Since it is a model located in the most basic range of this manufacturer, it does not include other practical elements, such as the roll for plastic and the cutter, which are included in other more advanced products.

Verdict: 9.5/10

An adjusted price proposal but with all the work capacity and the good results of one of the brands that manufactures the best vacuum packaging machines, according to many user opinions.

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Main Features Explained

packaging system

The packaging system is the usual one of the Foodsaver vacuum packaging machines, with which it is easy to store all kinds of food, both with liquid and without it. For this, the product incorporates a pump of tried and tested technology, with which to extract all the air from any container in just a few seconds.

To do this, simply place the bag in its place, click on the corresponding lid and press the button with which the process begins. After a few seconds, we will have our container duly emptied and the food packaged correctly. A process that has a high quality finish, so the packaging will last a long time without air loss or problems.

In fact, according to the manufacturer itself, thanks to this packaging machine you can enjoy a shelf life of up to 2 or 3 years in frozen foods, which stays in about three weeks in fresh ones. In any case, it is more than considerable time compared to what would be the refrigeration or freezing of food in conventional or traditional way.

device monitoring

One of the advantages of this being a simple model is not only its price, lower than higher-end products, but also that its control and operation options are also simplified. Although the truth is that if the models of this manufacturer are known for something, it is precisely because of that simplicity.

This particular model has a button panel, located at the top of the product, with which we can activate the different functions of the device. One of these functions is the aspirate, which we can adjust to normal preparations or to dishes with salt. To do this, the product incorporates a specific program, which seals in a different and more efficient way.

Once the process is configured, all we have to do is press the power button for the process to start. But we may previously want a specific program for wet foods, for which the product also includes this option. It also incorporates the necessary option to proceed with independent sealing, which allows us to use the product with plastic rolls. Something essential to lower costs and take advantage of even more space when packaging your food.

Easy to use

As you can imagine, the last advantage that we are going to highlight about this product is its ease of use. Much of it has to do with the simplicity of the control panel, which we have mentioned. But also with other additional aids that we analyze below and that have very good opinions among users.

One of these improvements is the bag placement confirmation system. This system has green lights that light up on the sides, thus indicating that the latches are properly set and the bag is in place. When all the green lights are on, it’s time to start canning your food, thus saving you materials from incorrectly started processes. Not to mention how annoying it is to pack poorly and open after a few days.

Another advantage is the closure of this product, which with a simple click leaves the lid completely closed, lifting it when the packaging process is finished. Finally, it is also important to talk about the inner tray. This tray is extracted from the body of the packaging machine, thus facilitating its cleaning. We can even wash this tray in the dishwasher, thus guaranteeing its complete cleaning and disinfection.

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