Opinions about Foodsaver V2860

Main advantage:

This model is not only efficient, but it is also careful when performing the vacuum. As much as to be able to pack the most sensitive products, such as an egg, without breaking itself during the vacuum process.

Main disadvantage:

This model has certain drawbacks when packaging products with liquid, due to possible losses. In this regard, some opinions recommend freezing them previously, in order to avoid these inconveniences.

Verdict: 9.8/10

A product with almost professional characteristics and a very simple system of use, which bring it remarkably close to becoming the best food vacuum sealer of the moment.

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Main Features Explained

packaging system

The packaging process of this product guarantees an efficient result and a durable finish, which lasts longer in good condition. In this procedure, a high-power pump is used, which is responsible for removing the air from inside the bags and achieving good precision when it comes to keeping the air out of them, but without squeezing the food or affecting its texture..

Best of all, this entire process is practically automatic, as would be expected in a product of this price and quality. We just have to place the bag, press the corresponding button depending on the product to be packaged and wait for the team to do the rest of the process for us. Once it is finished, the opening system lifts the lid, indicating that the process has finished.

This system is highly sensitive, so you can even pack a raw egg without it breaking, which shows how respectful the machine is to food. This does not prevent the product from keeping the bags tightly closed and without leaks, achieving shelf life of up to 3 years for frozen foods and up to 8 months for fresh foods, compared to 6 months and 1 to 2 weeks, respectively, for conventional storage.


When it comes to vacuum sealer, the truth is that price is not everything. It is also important to know what consumables we can use, since the price of some of them is considerable. Fortunately, this aspect has been taken into account when designing the Foodsaver V2860 canner.

For this reason, this model uses conventional packaging bags, which are generally the most expensive on the market, but it also gives us the possibility of using plastic rolls and comfortably creating our own bags. To do this, this model has a double operating system, which is first responsible for sealing the edge of the bag and then proceeds to conventional vacuum packaging, subsequently sealing the second end of the bag.

Another advantage is that among these consumables not only the bags are counted, but we can also use other containers, such as jars and jars. In fact, the product is accompanied by a glass bottle specially designed for this type of vacuum packaging machine, with a capacity of one liter and a screw cap. Although you can use any product similar to the one we have mentioned.

Control and maintenance

Managing this product is as easy as choosing between its three packaging speeds the one that suits us best, depending on the food to be packaged. The more sensitive or tender these are, the slower the packaging should be, to avoid problems. The control panel also allows you to choose whether you are packing something with a lot of liquid or a little liquid.

In this panel we can also activate the most sensitive packaging mode, as well as the bag sealing function, with which we can create our own packaging directly from the machine. Something that is helped by both the included roll holder and the built-in cutter, with which to achieve clean cuts in the packaging creation process.

As for maintenance, it is another aspect that is taken care of in this product. The main problem with these packaging machines is the tray, which is usually filled with dirt and food debris. For this reason, in this model it is removable and can go directly through the dishwasher. A tray that also has an antibacterial treatment, to achieve that extra food safety in the packaging process.

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