Opinions about Gala Marina

Main advantage: 

This cover offers mounting by means of horizontal anchors, which suggests an intuitive process for which you only require a screwdriver. The best part is that the manufacturer attached the necessary screws and hinges to get the job done.

Main disadvantage: 

The lid could emit a noise that for some is unpleasant when opening or closing, but this may be due to a poorly executed assembly process, so we suggest you review the manual carefully.

Verdict: 9.6/10 

Its flat and spacious design offers a suitable format for various models of toilets. In addition, its structure is resistant and attractive due to the combination of polymer and ceramic finishes.

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Main Features Explained

Mounting and compatibility

The correct assembly of a toilet lid will depend in a large percentage on the level of compatibility between it and the bowl. In this sense, you should be cautious when making the selection and not let yourself be dazzled at first sight by the opinions of other users about the innumerable models and brands that exist in the market. Remember that it is not only a question of a pleasant aesthetic or an acquisition price that fits our budget, since the search for the best toilet lid requires other aspects related to its installation.

Gala Marina, for example, is a model of WC covers that has managed to carve out a significant place among the competition. This is due to the high levels of quality present in its structure, but more importantly, thanks to the horizontal anchoring method provided. 

Thus, you will only need to screw the hinges to the lower area of ​​the cistern, being careful that the structure is attached correctly and that the screws are not isolated. Otherwise, you will be forced to replace them with others to avoid damaging the accessory when raising or lowering both the lid and the seat.

On the other hand, you will need to know that when you purchase this model you will also have at your disposal all the necessary material to carry out the assembly, in the case of screws and hinges.


The designs of the WC covers are usually varied in order to offer buyers different purchase options, which allow them to select a model that really suits their needs for use, assembly and complements the aesthetics of the bathroom.

If you are currently looking for a WC cover for your toilet, you should check out this design from the Gala house. It is a product that, according to the opinions of those who have purchased it, has a minimalist cut and detailed finishes. In addition, its price is accessible.

The Gala Marina cover and seat have a spacious format in an intense white color and with a pleasant soft touch. Its width – length dimensions are standard, so the manufacturer ensures that it is compatible with a wide variety of toilets, especially those that belong to the brand and are prior to 2007. 

The surface is flat and the contours are rounded, being characteristics that give a touch of delicacy to the body of the product. We cannot fail to mention the incorporation of a folding mechanism, designed so that you can raise and lower the lid with ease. Likewise, the design attaches four small supports in the lower area of ​​the seat, which suggests a greater stability of the structure when supporting it on the bowl.

Manufacturing and cleaning

The manufacturing materials of toilet seats not only determine their purchase price, durability and resistance to daily use, but also the stability and safety offered when sitting on them.

Aware of this situation, the Gala house has dedicated itself to using top-of-the-range raw materials and quality certifications in the construction of each of its designs. 

For this reason, its Marina model of WC lids has been made of robust polymer and covered with a ceramic finish, which gives the structure a fairly soft touch. In addition, they are materials free of toxic agents, so they are completely respectful of the environment. In this sense, you will not have to worry about the appearance of skin allergies due to direct contact with the skin.

Also, it is important to mention that this alloy of materials offers a quick and easy cleaning. Thus, you can apply any type of detergent on said lid and seat, rub it with the help of a soft sponge and remove the excesses with plenty of water.

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