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Main advantage:

If you are looking for a traditional toilet but with a contemporary aesthetic, this model from the Gala brand could be a good option, since it is very practical, includes the cistern, the seat cover and has a dual outlet to facilitate its installation.

Main disadvantage:

Although this complete toilet has a dual water outlet, for vertical installation it needs an elbow that is not included with the product, so it must be purchased separately.

Verdict: 9.5/10

It is a traditional model in white, with contemporary and attractive lines, which make it look elegant in the bathroom.

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Main Features Explained

toilet design

The Gala Smart toilet is a model with a traditional design that combines straight and rounded lines in a single complete structure. It has been made with top quality porcelain, being made up of a bowl, a low-tank cistern that is incorporated in the back of it and its seat with a lid. 

Its bright white color highlights the style, adjusting to any type of decoration in your home, offering a touch of freshness and modernity to your bathroom. In addition, it is designed for small spaces, since it is attached to the wall and has compact measurements of 65 x 35 cm, so anyone can use it efficiently.

Another aspect to highlight about this model is that, being manufactured by the Gala brand, it will give you confidence and security, as it is a company that has received different certifications regarding the quality of its sanitary products, due to its effort and dedication in the care of the aesthetics and the characteristics of its pieces, so this model could be one of the best toilets of the season.   

dual output

Toilets usually have a horizontal or vertical outlet for the drain. The vertical outlet is directed towards the ground and the models with this orientation have an internal siphon that allows the passage of water in that direction, being designed for the discharge ducts that connect to the toilet at the bottom. 

While, the pieces that have the outlet horizontally, have an internal tube through which the discharges are emptied through the wall. Modern toilets include both types of installations, making them more practical and versatile, since they adapt to either of the two forms.

In this sense, we can tell you that the Gala Smart model fits this type of dual installation, because it has an interior design that facilitates the assembly of the two formats, which gives it versatility, although for the vertical direction it requires a elbow that is not included with the purchase for installation towards the ground.

Cistern and lid

In the case of the cistern, we can highlight that it is also made of top quality porcelain and is located at the back of the bowl. It has a low, straight-line design that fits perfectly with the modern style of this toilet. For its part, the discharge is directly inside the bowl and can be easily installed on the left side, because it includes the necessary elements for assembly.

It should also be mentioned that the Gala Smart collection cistern has a double flush mechanism that allows you to save water, which is a system that has two different capacities so that you can empty the water partially or completely depending on your needs. needs. To put this mechanism into operation, the cistern has two buttons on the top of the lid to use it according to the capacity you require. The water capacity of this tank is 6 and 3 litres.

The included cover is made of a plastic material that provides resistance to use and its structure adapts comfortably to the shape of the bowl of this toilet, because it is a fixed seat. Although if you prefer you can combine it with other lids offered by the manufacturer, such as the lid with cushioned fall or the removable lid.

According to user opinions, if you complement this toilet with the washbasin and bidet of this same model, your bathroom will look elegant and modern. But of course, everything will depend on your budget, because we know that including these additional elements will considerably increase the price of this acquisition.

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