Opinions about Hesily Roca Victoria

Main advantage:

With this towel radiator you will not only be able to heat the bathroom and dry the cloths or robes after the shower, but you will also be able to dehumidify and sterilize the environment in which the equipment has been installed. 

Main disadvantage:

An unflattering aspect of this heated towel rail is related to its working power, which unfortunately is not adjustable. In this sense, you will enjoy a constant temperature at all times.

Verdict: 9.7/10

This low-consumption electrically operated towel radiator has been made of stainless steel, offering greater durability. In addition, its elegant design with flat steps adapts to any bathroom.

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Main Features Explained

Power and working modes

The power of your heated towel rail is a specification that you cannot let go unnoticed, because the efficiency of the equipment to heat the bathroom and dry the towels or robes will depend on it. In the same way, it is a characteristic that will influence the low or high consumption of electrical energy after its start-up. On the other hand, there is the issue of the work modes offered to heat, dry and even disinfect spaces, which, logically, will vary depending on the manufacturer.

Hesily Roca Victoria is a towel radiator that, according to user opinions, has powerful performance, as well as a series of quite interesting and beneficial functions. Its work force is mid-range and corresponds to 67 watts, providing a maximum temperature of 45 °C. Said heat emission is suitable both for heating the bathroom and for drying your cloths, robe and even your bathing suit. In addition, it is important to mention that the device’s power supply is through an alternating current cable, whose power input can be between 220 and 240 volts.

With regard to the additional functions, a dehumidifier mode and other sterilization modes are incorporated, which are automatically activated when the maximum temperature is reached.

Resistance and cleaning

If you are going to buy a heated towel rail, you will need to emphasize issues such as the resistance of the structure and its stability, which are given by the manufacturing materials. It is important that you consider the fact that this type of product will be in constant contact with the humidity of the bathroom, generated by the cloths hung in it, as well as other clothes that we want to dry or heat. 

In this sense, you will need the material of the structure to have some type of protection against oxidation, since, generally, this type of equipment is made of metal and the least you want is to cause it to deteriorate.

For this reason, Roca Victoria towel radiators by Hesily have been built with 304 grade stainless steel, which means that it is an alloy with a basic composition of iron and carbon. Likewise, a percentage of chromium is incorporated to enhance its well-known resistance to corrosion caused by humidity. This alloy has a high level of hardness, giving the structure a non-deformable, light and quite safe body, since it does not release toxic particles that could threaten our health. In addition, you can clean it without fear of deterioration, with a soft and moistened sponge, to remove ingrained dirt.

Design and format

The variety of models of a product allows us to select the one that best suits us, in terms of its design, format and purchase price. The heated towel rail does not escape this premise, so it is important that you analyze these aspects in detail so that you can make a truly successful purchase.

For example, the Roca Victoria model from the Hesily house has managed to position itself among the lists of the best towel radiators, due to its design with a high level of adaptability to different bathrooms. Its structure is made up of three sections of horizontal flat steps, whose finishes stand out in each of their well-crafted joints and cuts. Added to this is the polished and shiny appearance of stainless steel, which gives it an elegant and quite modern touch.

On the other hand, we have to mention the format of the structure of this heated towel rail, which is quite comfortable and spacious, both to assemble it and to use it. Its height – width is 74 x 52 centimeters respectively, while each of its four support bases have a height of 12 centimeters, a measurement that corresponds to the separation between the wall and the steps attached to the vertical bars.

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