Opinions about Hisense RB438N4ec3

Main advantage:

It is a refrigerator that offers you the A +++ energy efficiency class, so it consumes less energy than other similar models; In this way, your food retains its properties for longer and you contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Main disadvantage:

It misses the controls on the outside that allow you to set the temperature without having to open it. However, it is a model that covers all your cooling needs.

Verdict: 9.4/10

It is a refrigerator that delivers what it promises, with a simple design and high cooling capacity. In addition, it has a high-tech inverter motor.

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Main Features Explained

Design and capacity

The Hisense RB438N4EC3 is a competitively priced fridge-freezer with a sleek design and stainless steel finishes that add a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

It has a net capacity of 334 liters, enough to store the food of a couple or a single person. Its dimensions are 200.3 cm high x 59.5 wide x 63.7 cm deep; size that is appropriate to mount it in kitchens with limited space.

It has an efficient LED lighting system, which favors having everything in sight quickly; This type of bright and cold light helps maintain the temperature inside. Likewise, it has drawers or compartments conveniently distributed inside.

It also has a large upper door for the refrigerator area and another independent lower door to give access to the freezer. In addition, the refrigerator offers four legs that you can easily adjust in height, in order to provide maximum stability to the equipment.

As for the noise level, it is a silent device; since when its compressor works below 39 dB, which does not represent any inconvenience for those who live in the home.

Technologies and energy saving

When it comes to covering basic cooling needs and preserving the freshness and nutritional properties of your food for longer, it is not necessary to have complicated refrigerators. For this reason, this model offers easy handling, since it has an internal panel that is easy to configure according to your cooling needs.

Likewise, it has been classified with the A+++ label that gives it great energy efficiency; which represents a consumption of about 175 kWh per year. For this reason, it is a friendly refrigerator with the environment and in addition, you will be able to see a saving every month in the electricity bill.

Another of the qualities valued in the opinions of users and one of the characteristics that make this one of the best mid-range refrigerators on the market is that it uses No Frost technology; which prevents the formation of ice crystals. Therefore, no matter how low the freezer temperature is, frost is not generated, eliminating the risk of burning or damaging the food you store inside.

It also has the Multi AirFlow System, a technology that is responsible for efficiently and uniformly distributing the temperature in each corner of the refrigerator. It is for this reason that the nutritional properties of food are preserved for longer.


With the idea of ​​offering families an adequate preservation of their food and significant savings on their food purchases, this manufacturer presents in this refrigerator an ideal distribution in each of its compartments, so that you can organize everything in the best possible way. way.

In this sense, this model has three hygienic glass drawers in its freezer space, resistant to intensive use and easy to clean. One of them is called cooling plus, which, thanks to its temperature, is suitable for storing meat and fish and keeping them fresh until they are prepared and consumed.

It also has a compartment specially designed to store fruits and vegetables efficiently. For which it has a regulator that controls the level of humidity located in this area. Likewise, in order to organize eggs and dairy products, it is equipped with an appropriate space for these foods.

On the other hand, if you are one of those who enjoy drinking cold drinks or spirits, this model has a tray designed in the shape of a bottle rack, made of stainless steel and that allows you to efficiently organize different bottles. As for the freezer, it offers you a rotating ice tray that facilitates the removal of ice cubes when you need it.

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