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Main advantage:

It should be noted that this crockery for the use of the children of the house is capable of guaranteeing a good useful life thanks to its manufacture in stoneware, a resistant and durable material. It is also supplied in a total of 12 pieces.


Main disadvantage:

In the case of a product designed for the use of the smallest of the house, the presence of some cartoons is missed, or even some design that was striking in their eyes.


Verdict: 9.9/10

With the purchase of this special tableware for children you can help your little one to develop different social skills. In this way, we are talking about a very practical and above all quality product.

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Main Features Explained

Number of pieces

If you are in search of the best tableware available on the market, you must take into account a variety of details that allow you to deduce how practical and functional the model that most attracts your attention could be so that you achieve a good purchase, capable of satisfying your needs. your needs or those of whoever is going to put its use into practice.

In this sense, if you are thinking of acquiring a special product for the use of the smallest of the house, you could look at this option of the Ikea brand, the DUKTIG model that is characterized by being supplied in a pack of 12 pieces.

In this way, your boy or girl could have the facility to play and have fun having several dishes at hand. It would even be ideal in case you receive a visit from a friend who wants to play and put into practice the use of these kitchen utensils.

On the other hand, it should be noted that due to its design, this tableware has a single exterior color, this being white, while each bowl has a different color inside, among them yellow, green, red and blue. Thus, this product could be a little more attractive in the eyes of the smallest of the house as it is a colorful model.


In the market there are many types of special tableware for each occasion as well as the type of use you decide to give it, whether you are going to use it in the kitchen or it is used as a toy to encourage the little ones in the house in learning. of different abilities.

In this way, the truth is that you will be able to find so many options and each one of them with a special price depending on some factors, among them the manufacturing material with which the tableware is made. That being the case, you cannot ignore this important detail, even more so when it could help you deduce how strong, resistant and of quality the model would be for which you decide at the end of your choice.

Tableware is generally made of ceramic, porcelain or earthenware, this material being the most common but resistant at the same time. However, the IKEA brand on this occasion offers you the DUKTIG model made with stoneware, a ceramic product that stands out for the abundance of fluxes it has.

It is made up of materials that are ground and subjected to a special pressing and firing process to achieve quality mechanical resistance and, of course, greater than that of conventional ceramic materials.


Choosing a set of crockery will depend largely on the functionality it can provide according to the use you need to give it. In this way, according to the opinions of some users, the most correct thing is that you can choose a product that is capable of satisfying your needs at all times so that you can avoid unnecessary expenses in the future.

It should be noted that not all tableware sets are made only to be used for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Well, there are also models on the market designed for the use of the smallest of the house, maintaining quality design and manufacturing precisely to make their games a fun time and that their utensils resemble as much as possible those used by children. Adults.

The DUKTIG model stands out among many because it is a set of mini plates designed for children’s play and fun, and can in turn help them develop all their social skills, since they could imitate adults using these utensils in the correct way. They could even invent their own roles. Thus, this option could be the right one for you if you are looking for a set of tableware of this type, to pamper your little one at home.

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