Opinions about Ikea Stabil

Main advantage:

The most striking aspect of this steamer model is that it is manual, so it can be placed in saucepans with boiling water or broth, giving your food a special flavor.

Main disadvantage:

However, being a manual steamer, you will have to be aware of the cooking level of your food, since it does not have digital systems such as timers or sound indicators.


Verdict: 9.7/10

If you are interested in acquiring an easy-to-use steamer to cook some vegetables or steam vegetables, this option from Ikea could be what you are looking for, since it is simple, easy to use and also easy to clean.

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Main Features Explained

Design and utility

The best steamers can become an ideal tool for preparing food without using oils, making them healthier for the body, since fats and chemical additives are not added. If you want to improve your diet and that of your family by acquiring a good quality steamer, we recommend that you first consider its design and usefulness.

Ikea is a recognized brand that, according to the opinions of its users, offers products with good value for money, such as its Stabil steamer. This model has a simple design and its operation is quite intuitive.

The Ikea steamer has a base with holes and curved edges so you can put the food you want to cook there without worrying about it falling off when you transport it to the pot. Likewise, the distribution of the holes throughout the base will help distribute the steam to be able to cook everything more easily.

Featuring an open design, this steamer can be used with a simple pot. In it you can put water or broth if you want your food to have a particular smoked flavor and, in addition, it has an upper handle that you can put on and take off, so you can lift it comfortably without risk of burning yourself.

Regarding its size, Stabil has a height of 5.5 centimeters and its base has a diameter of 24 centimeters.

Manufacturing materials

Steamers use boiling water to produce the necessary steam and cook food, so the manufacturing materials of the model you are interested in buying are very important to analyze before spending money and, although most are electric, manual models they must also be thoroughly analyzed to avoid a bad investment.

In the case of the Stabil steamer offered by the Ikea brand, it should be noted that the entire structure is made of stainless steel, that is, the base, the handle and its legs. This type of steel has a special treatment that is responsible for minimizing the effects of oxidation produced by the chemical components of tap water, mainly salts and chlorine.

Being made of stainless steel, this steamer has a long useful life and will be able to maintain its original appearance for much longer, so you can enjoy it for several years and even give it away later if you apply proper care. In addition, it has a chrome finish that makes it look elegant, robust and of good quality, as well as reliable joints that are difficult to bend so as not to be affected by high temperatures.

Operation and maintenance

The handling and maintenance of a steamer are also crucial aspects that must be carefully considered in order to choose a tool that is easy to use and clean, thus avoiding wasting time and effort every time you want to cook.

Therefore, if you prefer manual and simple models like the Ikea steamer, you will be pleased to know that this product, in addition to having an intuitive and simple design, also has some structural details that increase its practicality so that you can use it as you want. One of them is the presence of two curved legs at the base, with which you can place the steamer on any surface without the risk of tipping over, thus keeping all your food inside.

It also stands out that it has an upper handle that has a small hook with which a lower handle attached to the base of the steamer is held. By removing the upper one, you will prevent it from heating up and you can remove it from the hot water without the risk of burning yourself.

Regarding its maintenance, being made of stainless steel, this model is suitable for the dishwasher, so you do not have to worry about washing the implements by hand after preparing a recipe and just relax to eat.

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