opinions about Irerobot Roomba 615

Main advantage:

Thanks to the technological contribution offered by this smart vacuum cleaner and the practical circular model, it does not present problems when it comes to cleaning any surface with which it has to deal. In addition, it allows the replacement of parts. An aspect that extends the useful life of the equipment.


Main disadvantage:

Despite being a product that provides so many benefits, because it is manually operated, it lacks a navigation system with a map or WiFi connection to link to an App.

Verdict: 9.7/10

This robot vacuum cleaner offers a practical, efficient and modern alternative to keep the different surfaces of the places free of dirt.

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Main Features Explained


Technology and operation

Among the different robot vacuum cleaners that exist on the market, the Roomba 615 model stands out for having technologies that make cleaning a simple task at home. In this sense, it can move intelligently on the ground, thanks to its iAdapt navigation system, which allows it to make efficient routes due to a set of sensors that recognize up to 60 options per second to identify what work to do.

Likewise, it moves freely around every corner of the house, even in the dark, without any inconvenience. In addition, it has warning sensors against unevenness and stairs, so it provides security in your movements. In addition to this, it has a memory card that, once the cleaning is finished or its battery is low, automatically orders it to return to its recharging base, in order to be ready when needed.

As for its operation, it is very simple; because it has the ability to perform the tasks by itself in a convenient way by pressing the “clean” button. Finally, we can say that its Dirt Detect technology is so interesting that it allows the robot vacuum cleaner to detect the areas where there is more dirt or accumulation of residue and dust to proceed to eliminate them.

cleaning system

One of the features that most attracts attention among the different opinions of users on the web is the cleaning technique that this maintenance assistant has. To do this, it has a series of brushes and a self-adjusting head, which automatically and conveniently adapts to the contact surfaces, in order to clean them efficiently.

Furthermore, this versatile smart cleaning device has a patented 3-stage cleaning system. In this sense, phase 1 is dedicated to collecting dust, pet hair, grit, among others. For its part, the second one safely absorbs all the garbage directly towards the center of the robot, and the last phase is responsible for activating the suction mechanisms to take the dirt to the tank. Therefore, it could be considered the best robot vacuum cleaner.

Finally, we can mention that it also has a specialized brush to sweep the corners and edges, because thanks to its 27-degree angle, it lifts all the existing particles in these difficult-to-reach areas. In addition, it also comes with two multi-surface brushes, which help to extract and even remove dirt from all types of surfaces and even carpets and rugs.


In the market you will find different models in this category, but the price, modern and functional design offered by the iRobot Roomba 615 are qualities that make it a good option to have at home.

It is a comfortable vacuum cleaner with small dimensions and an elegant presence due to its gray and black finish. In addition, it is made of plastic and metal materials resistant to the use that the equipment must tolerate.

On the other hand, its AeroVac design provides it with the convenient dimensions to house a 700-milliliter tank, thus being one of the largest compartments to store waste in vacuum cleaners of this type, reducing the task of frequently emptying such a tank. In addition, for greater protection, it has a filter that prevents dust from returning to the outside.

You will be interested to know that, compared to other models of the same brand, this vacuum cleaner has an improved battery and motor, which provide autonomy of up to 120 continuous minutes in its work and a power of 30 watts, allowing it not only to perform tasks more efficient cleaning but also longer lasting. In addition to this, despite the strength it has, its operation goes unnoticed, since it generates low noise, thanks to its 61 decibels.

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