Opinions about JATA CV200

Main advantage:

The Jata model has a practical, compact and easy-to-handle design to make it easy for you to prepare all kinds of steamed dishes without worrying too much about cleaning.

Main disadvantage:

Care is advised when handling the containers and trays that are included with the steamer, as their finish is not resistant to strong shocks or drops.

Verdict: 9.8/10

The Jata steamer offers you attractive functions and advantages at a good price, making it an option that you cannot fail to consider if you want to acquire one.

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Main Features Explained

steamer design

With the best steamers you can prepare recipes based on food cooked with steam, which, by avoiding the use of oils and fats, provides you with a much healthier and more nutritious diet. If you want to enjoy the benefits of steamers but don’t know which one to buy, we recommend first considering their overall design.

The Jata brand has a quite striking model in its catalog, the CV200 steamer. According to the opinions of its satisfied users, it has good value for money, since it is cheap and its advantages are varied and practical.

Its design is focused on vertical distribution. It is an electric steamer that offers two cooking levels thanks to two trays with lids and holes where you can comfortably accommodate your ingredients. It also stands out that they are transparent so you can observe the cooking process.

The base of the steamer, meanwhile, is white and made of metal, which increases the robustness and durability of the equipment. In addition, this facilitates its maintenance, since in case it gets stained by the juices of the food, you can easily remove it with a damp cloth after cooking.

Regarding its size, the CV200 has dimensions of 25.5 x 15 x 20 centimeters and its weight is 898 grams, being a compact alternative, easy to handle and also to locate so as not to take up too much space in your kitchen or in your table. Also, being light, it will be easy for you to move in case you prefer to keep it stored until you are going to use it.

Another striking aspect regarding its design is that you can only use one tray if you wish so that you do not dirty all the pieces and then have to spend more time and effort cleaning everything.

power and capacity

The power and capacity of a steamer pot are other of the most relevant aspects that must be thoroughly studied in order to take advantage of the money invested. If you choose a steamer without taking these details into account, the equipment may not offer the performance or cooking speed you need for your recipes.

The Jata brand steamer model, being electric, offers a power of 400W, enough for regular domestic use and preparing recipes of all kinds, whether they include proteins, vegetables, vegetables or even some grains. To control the performance of the steamer, a timer has also been integrated to prevent your food from overcooking. You can choose between different time intervals, from a minimum of 5 minutes to 60 minutes of cooking, which is usually more than enough to have all kinds of food ready.

It is also worth mentioning that its capacity is 3.5 liters with which you can make a meal for two or three people at the same time depending on the size of the portions. When checking the tank, you will find a container with a 500-milliliter capacity that you can fill with water or broth as you prefer in case you want to add a special flavor to your food. In addition, as mentioned, it has two trays with a lid and also a small container to accommodate everything you need. And if you want to steam eggs, you will probably find the rack designed especially for it quite useful.

On the other hand, the CV200 offers you an energy management system that makes it really economical to use by not consuming as much electricity. As indicated, this product has category A on the energy efficiency scale, one of the highest and most ecological in the table, so you would also be contributing your grain of sand to the preservation of the environment.

Management and care

When you get used to eating healthy, especially steamed foods, you will notice how your body begins to appreciate it by avoiding having to process all those saturated fats. However, steamers, like any pan or pot, also get dirty, mainly from the juices that food can release. Therefore, before choosing which steamer you are going to buy, we recommend that you study its handling and care to always keep it looking like new.

Jata’s CV200 model features a metal casing, but its fittings are made of rigid plastic to prevent warping from the heat produced by heating water to the point of producing steam.

These accessories, that is, the trays, lids and the container, can be removed from the steamer to be cleaned separately. Even if you have a dishwasher at home, these components are suitable to be placed in it, thus saving you both time and effort, to have everything ready and sit down to eat.

Regarding its handling, the CV200 offers you a fairly intuitive system, in which you only have to worry about placing your food on the trays, closing them carefully, filling the water tank, setting the timer, turning on the steamer and that’s it. It only remains to wait for your dish to be cooked. To adjust the timer you will simply have to turn the knob to the desired minute interval depending on the recipe you are preparing on the equipment.

As an additional advantage, you should know that this steamer is equipped with a safety system, which will prevent overheating problems by turning off the equipment as soon as the timer has reached its end. In addition, it has a light indicator so you can know when the steamer is on and thus avoid any accidental burns.

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