Opinions about Jata Ev1026

Main advantage:

This model simplifies the bag packaging and sealing process, with clearly marked buttons for each of these functions. Ideal for those who do not want to complicate life too much when it comes to preserving their food.

Main disadvantage:

Some opinions mention that the after-sales support offered by the brand is not as good as it should be, especially when it comes to dealing with incidents or product malfunctions.

Verdict: 9.4/10

An interesting solution that may not reach the level of the best vacuum sealer on the market, but it is more than enough for those looking for a simpler model without so many complications.

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Main Features Explained

Technical characteristics

The JATA EV1026 model is located within the medium-priced vacuum packaging machines, considering its technical parameters and the rest of its functions. A review of its characteristics indicates that this product has a nominal power of 130 watts, in line with other similar models on the market and enough for infrequent domestic and packaged work.

This translates into a vacuum pump with a working pressure of 0.85 bar, capable of extracting up to 12 liters of air per minute. So you won’t have to wait too long for the machine to take care of creating the vacuum inside your bags, although obviously this time varies depending on how full the bag is and its size.

But since we don’t always have to talk about bags, the product also incorporates an additional cannula, with the corresponding tube, in order to vacuum pack other objects, such as lunch boxes, glass jars and the like. This cannula is connected on one side of the upper part, also allowing adequate sealing when it comes to achieving an efficient vacuum in this type of work.

Control Panel

As we have mentioned, this vacuum packaging machine has a very simple operating system. In fact, the product has no more than half a dozen buttons at the top, with which you can set the different operating options of the product and easily control this entire process.

Among these options, we can choose whether we want a conventional suction or a slow suction, recommended for more fragile foods that may be damaged if the air is extracted at the conventional speed. We can also choose whether we are packing dry food or wet food or with sauce, so that the product adapts its behavior to what we indicate and prevents those sauces or liquids from being lost along the way.

In this panel we also have the option to activate the packaging through the cannula for bottles, thus directing the air from the pump where it is needed. And when it comes to sealing the bag, for when we use plastic rolls, we also have a button with which to execute it. A process that barely needs 6 seconds for that closure, which gives considerable agility to the creation of your own containers.

Other product details

We summarize below other interesting details of this model, as far as helping you to pack your food is concerned. In this packaging process we will be able to use packaging elements up to 28 centimeters wide. Something that offers ample space for larger foods, giving you even greater comfort when it comes to packing everything you need.

We have already mentioned another interesting aspect and it has to do with consumables, given that the product can work with both conventional bags and plastic rolls. These rolls have a much lower cost than bags already manufactured, having the additional advantage that they can be adapted to the size of the food, for more efficient packaging and less plastic consumption.

As for the accessories, in addition to the cable or the hose for the vacuum packaging of cans, an airtight container is also included, with a packaging date indicator and a capacity of 1 liter. Two rolls of bags are also included, 22 x 30 centimeters and 28 x 30 centimeters respectively, with which to start making your first packaging.

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