Opinions about Jata EX606

Main advantage:

The 160W power and the arm that this Jata model incorporates allow the extraction of juices to be a simple and fast task, without making any effort to squeeze the fruits. In addition, it is a resistant and durable device suitable for daily use.

Main disadvantage:

This model is the most expensive of our selection, but it is a worthwhile investment, because it is an efficient juicer, of good quality, with a simple and fast operation.

Verdict: 9.9/10 

Thanks to its efficiency and powerful motor, this model is recommended by many users for being one of the fastest, so you can enjoy your citrus drinks in no time.

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Main Features Explained

juicer power

If you are looking for quality juicers with good power, we recommend this EX606 model from Jata, because it could be the most suitable to meet your needs to obtain juices at home quickly, since it has a powerful professional AC motor with 160W that works silently, being backed by a brand that has many years of experience manufacturing this type of kitchen appliance.

Another functionality of this model is that it has an arm that allows the juice to be extracted more effectively, without having to exert much force to squeeze it and the advantage is that you can use this device every day, squeezing several consecutive juices without stopping extracting. to the last drop. Although it should be borne in mind that this model is for domestic use, so if you plan to use it professionally, it is best to look for a model that suits those needs to avoid overheating problems. 

So, the power and the lever arm are the most relevant aspects of the Jata EX606, because both elements allow the juicer to fulfill its function of squeezing oranges efficiently every morning, so this model could be the best juicer on the market..

Design and materials

In relation to the design of this model, it should be noted that it is a juicer with an attractive design, with modern and elegant lines that make it stand out among the other kitchen appliances, thanks to its striking gray color with black details on the top. top and feet of the appliance. Additionally, it has a small size with dimensions of 18 x 12 x 18 cm, which is suitable for convenient storage after cleaning, since it will not take up much space.

On the other hand, it should be noted in terms of its manufacturing materials, that this Jata juicer has a beautiful body made of stainless steel, as well as the included filter, being highly durable and resistant. In addition to this, the parts such as the rotating cone, the lever and the container where the extracted juice falls, are made of food-grade plastic of good quality and free of BPA.

In addition, this model includes suction cups on its feet that allow the device to be kept in one place when it is being used, preventing it from moving while the oranges are being squeezed. You won’t have to worry about cleaning this juicer either, since all the parts are easily removable and can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher without any problems.

Continuous extraction and anti-drip system

The continuous extraction system of the Jata EX606 model is another interesting feature of this juicer, because you can squeeze the oranges comfortably and the juice will be poured directly into the glass where you will drink, which is appropriate to avoid the oxidation process of the juice quickly., preserving the vitamins and minerals contained in the fruit for longer, so you can enjoy all the nutrients and benefits that it can bring to your diet. 

But it also has a container that holds up to approximately one liter of juice, so you can squeeze several oranges continuously and then serve them in glasses. In addition to the above, another aspect to highlight is the anti-drip technology that this model incorporates, since it has a tab that closes the flow of liquid, preventing accidental spills that could dirty the countertop. 

When you review portals like Amazon in search of user opinions regarding this product, you will find that most of them agree that it is a juicer that is worth it, despite having a somewhat high price for some budgets, because everything the appliance as a whole is very efficient and is backed by a good brand, which makes it easy to get spare parts or technical service in case of any difficulty with the appliance.

See this product on Amazon

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