Opinions about Jata GR195

Main advantage:

It is a kitchen griddle for grilling that has a large cooking surface of 46 x 25 cm; which offers an ecological non-stick coating that allows you to prepare healthy food. In addition, it is a light and powerful model.

Main disadvantage:

A dimmer switch that keeps the temperature constant is missing, since the thermostat turns off when it reaches the maximum level and the heat tends to be lost quickly.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is an easy-to-clean appliance where you can prepare your favorite recipes quickly and without added fat. Likewise, it is portable and non-stick.

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Main Features Explained

Non-stick and PFOA free

PFOA is a substance present in Teflon, an insulating material highly resistant to high temperatures and corrosion, which is usually part of frying pans and various kitchen utensils.

This chemical agent, known as perfluorooctanoic acid, is a highly toxic element that acts as an endocrine disruptor, similar to the effect produced by hormones; which is why it is associated with thyroid problems, sterility and is also responsible for different types of cancer.

PFOA or C8 is not only dangerous for human health, but also for environmental health. For this reason, the European Union has classified it as one of the most dangerous toxic and bioaccumulative substances that causes the greatest damage to people, animals and the ecosystem.

Due to the level of contamination and the effects it can cause, many manufacturers like Jata have taken on the task of manufacturing PFOA-free, reliable and safe products for health. Just like the Jata GR195, one of the best kitchen griddles offered by this renowned brand.

It is a grill plate equipped with an ecological non-stick coating, which allows you to prepare vegetables, meat, fish or any other food without fear of it ending up stuck, burned or contaminated with toxic substances.

healthy and powerful

Kitchen griddles are culinary tools that favor the preparation of healthy meals. This is possible since models such as the Jata GR195 offer you the possibility of cooking a wide variety of dishes without the need to add fat or oil. In addition, surface-roasted foods can retain all their nutrients and properties, while maximizing flavor and aroma.

On the other hand, if you follow a diet to lose weight, grilled recipes are the best option to eat nutritious, since they are foods that you can consume with a minimum of calories and without sacrificing their flavor.

Likewise, in order to provide you with efficiency when cooking, Jata has equipped this griddle with a power of 2,200 watts; allowing you to grill your favorite recipes in no time. Similarly, it has a thermostat that adjusts the temperature at various heat levels, which is convenient for grilling all types of food.

For this, you can prepare various types of ingredients of animal origin; such as eggs, fish, meat, greens and vegetables, all in a quick and easy way. For its operation, the iron needs a voltage of 230 volts.

Design and cleaning

This griddle offers you a cooking surface of 46 cm wide x 25 cm deep, enough space to grill food for up to 4 people; This capacity, combined with its power, allows you to prepare food for your family or guests in a short time.

In the same way, once you have finished cooking, the griddle keeps the food warm and thanks to its cool-touch handles, you can comfortably carry it to the table and enjoy the freshly made dish.

There are many positive opinions that support this model, especially regarding its ease of cleaning. For this reason, it is a device that has a removable gravy tray, in which all the excess sauces and oil that result after cooking are deposited. In addition, this tray can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

As for the surface of the iron, the manufacturer recommends cleaning it while it is still at a warm temperature; so you can wipe with a damp cloth to remove food debris. In the event that you cannot remove it this way, you can put a little ice on it to remove stubborn dirt.

In addition, it is a product with an excellent reputation on the web, given its good value for money and functional design.

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