Opinions about Jata GR5555A

Main advantage:

The most outstanding thing about this electric griddle is that it distributes the heat evenly, because thanks to the M-shaped design of the resistance, the entire surface of the griddle is used, managing to cook the food equally.

Main disadvantage:

Due to the material of the legs, it may slide a little on tables with smooth surfaces, so in those cases it could be stabilized with a kitchen cloth.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is an electric griddle with a non-stick coating free of toxic materials, designed to grill any food in a fast, practical and healthy way.

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Main Features Explained



The Jata brand has a wide range of electric irons, which vary in terms of price and design to adapt to the particular needs of each user. This Jata GR555A grill plate stands out in the market for the opinions of users, in terms of uniform heat distribution and its innovative plate tilt system.

The design of the M-shaped resistance is what allows you to take advantage of the entire grilling and cooking griddle in its 46 x 28 cm, which is the width of its surface, to prepare various portions or grill different foods simultaneously.

It also has a system called super fit, which through a support tilts the surface of the grill plate so that fats and sauces slide easily to one side. These liquids are deposited in a gravy tray, which when finished cooking is removed and can be washed without complications. This alternative is favorable when you prefer to cook in a healthier way, free from excesses or to obtain a certain texture in grilled foods.

Additionally, we can mention that it is a product manufactured in Spain, created for users to cook in a practical, fast, healthy way and without modifying the taste of food.


Today we require various appliances that meet the needs of the home and make our lives easier. That is why companies like Jata manufacture products like this electric griddle, to be able to roast the foods that we like so much, and enjoy them alone or in good company with family or friends.

Speaking a little more about this product, we will say that it is an iron that quickly reaches the expected heat, according to the temperature set on the thermostat. In addition, by simply removing the thermostat, it can be safely transported to the table, thanks to its cool-touch handles, without the cable getting in the way and keeping food warm while it is served.

On the other hand, the weight of this appliance is only 2.9 Kg, which makes it easy to install in any kitchen. In this way, just by connecting it, it will be ready to be preheated and thus proceed to grill the food. Plus, you can choose to keep it out so it’s available for use, or save it and install it only when you’re going to use it. Also, thanks to the legs, it allows a separation space between the heat source and the table, which preserves the material of the surface where it is placed.

Materials and power

When looking for the best electric griddle, some of the attributes that users expect to have is that its surface is non-stick, and that it has enough power to cook any food without inconvenience.

In this regard, this griddle has a non-stick coating free of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PFOA) and its substances, so you can use it with the peace of mind of cooking with safe materials. Also, this Pfluon coating will not allow food to stick. And, once it cools down a bit, but is still warm, you can clean it with a damp kitchen paper, since the dirt will come off easily. Or if you prefer, you can wash it in the dishwasher once it is completely cold.

Another of the qualities for which this model of the Jata brand stands out compared to other domestic electric irons on the market, is its 2500 W power, which allows you to roast all kinds of food, for example, vegetables, eggs, sausages, meats, fish and more.

Regarding electrical consumption, you may be interested to know that this product is rated with energy efficiency A. Hence, it is promoted as an appliance that consumes less energy than others, which represents money savings for its users.

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