Opinions about Kenwood Kcook Multi CCL401Wh

Main advantage:

This Kenwood food processor can chop, slice, mix, whisk and cook all in one appliance, making your job easier and saving you both time and effort.

Main disadvantage:

It is said that the lining of the main bowl is not the best on the market and this causes some food to stick, so we advise you to be careful to avoid damaging it.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a device with ample capacity and power, as well as a variety of accessories that will allow you to take advantage of it in your kitchen to facilitate all kinds of tasks.

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Main Features Explained

Design and materials

Both the design and the manufacturing materials of an appliance, including food processors, must be carefully analyzed in order to ensure a successful acquisition from which you will be able to take advantage of the required benefits, as well as handle it comfortably.

If your intention is to acquire one of the best food processors, we advise you to consider the Kenwood model, since this model has robust manufacturing finishes and a very practical design for your kitchen.

The KCook Multi CCL401WH food processor has dimensions of 26 x 29 x 33.5 centimeters and its weight is 7.3 kilograms, a detail that you should take into account if you plan to move it frequently. However, if you decide to keep it on your countertop, you will have a processor at hand with which you can prepare all kinds of recipes comfortably and safely, thanks to the non-slip feet to prevent movement due to the vibration of the motor.

As for its manufacturing materials, the processor’s casing is made of good quality and robust plastic, but it is particularly noteworthy that the included accessories are made of stainless steel, so that you can easily clean them after using the processor. dishwasher safe.

System and functions

One of the most practical aspects of modern food processors is that some models are even capable of cooking the ingredients, so that you do not have to dirty more implements and can prepare everything in a single saucepan.

If you have been interested in this type of processor, you will be pleased to know that you can enjoy these benefits with the model that Kenwood offers you. This equipment has five cutting discs with which you can slice and chop your food in a few seconds and with very little effort, but, in addition to this, it also offers a cooking zone right at the base of the main container.

This base can work in a temperature range that goes from a minimum of 30ºC to 180ºC, giving you the freedom to prepare a wide variety of meals, stews, creams, soups and even fried recipes on the same equipment. On the other hand, the system offers six predefined cooking programs that determine both the time and the temperature so that you do not have to manipulate the processor too much.

In addition to this, it stands out that you could prepare four different types of meals at the same time thanks to the possibility of integrating a tray for steaming, so you could use the processor to chop the ingredients for a salad, while steaming chicken. and vegetables, for example.

power and capacity

Since most food processors work with electricity, it is highly recommended to analyze the power of the motor, since this will determine the performance of the equipment’s cutting, mixing and cooking system. In addition, you cannot ignore the capacity of its containers, to know how much food you can prepare at one time.

On this occasion, Kenwood offers you a powerful food processor that has a 1,500W motor both to cut easily and to reach high temperatures in a short time and thus speed up the cooking process of your recipes so you can prepare steamed meals., stewed or fried.

Likewise, according to some opinions, all these details can make the Kenwood equipment an alternative for those looking for a large-capacity equipment with good value for money, thanks to the fact that it offers a programming system of up to eight hours for slow cooking recipes..

On the other hand, considering its capacity, you should know that this food processor works with a 4.5-liter bowl, as well as a 7.2-liter steam tray, so you can easily accommodate your food, even if it is It deals with whole fish, to name a few.

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