Opinions about KERUI G18

Main advantage:

The large number of accessories that this home alarm includes such as motion, fire and contact sensors stands out. In addition, you can remotely control the arming, disarming and monitoring of the alarm system, using a mobile phone via SMS or app.

Main disadvantage:

It is important to make a distinction between this model and the W18, which does have a wireless connection. Please note that the main unit of the G18 does not allow wireless connection.

Verdict: 9.6/10

This is an ideal alternative for users who are looking for a home alarm that has an affordable price, but that at the same time offers excellent features and a high level of security.

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Main Features Explained 

Sensor type

When making a comparison of home alarms, it is very important that you take into account the opinions of users who have had more experience with these devices or who, unfortunately, have already experienced a robbery at home or in their office, so that you can have a clearer idea of ​​which entrances you should protect, in what way and with which type of sensor is better, so that you do not run the risk of using a system that is not really going to protect you.

The current market offers a wide variety of types and models of sensors, as manufacturers constantly seek to meet the needs that are presented to users, based on individual experiences. The most advisable thing to do, to acquire the best alarm for your home, is to look very carefully at what type of sensors the security set includes before you make the investment, since, although some models allow you to expand the possibilities of defense or protection by connecting or incorporate other extra sensors to the original set, others do not, so you would have to adapt to the sensors that it includes and you will run the risk of leaving some area of ​​your house unprotected. 

This complete kit has 4 contact or magnetic sensors to protect any access to your home such as doors or windows, 2 motion sensors ideal for installing at the entrance or the periphery of your home to detect any intruder moving through the area and 1 smoke detector that will keep you warned if there is a fire or smoke rising in the room where it is installed.

control and connection

Another of the technical and usability aspects that we recommend you look at carefully, especially before investing in a new home security or alarm system, is the type of control that you will have as a user to activate or deactivate the system and the type connection that the system uses to notify you that your home is in danger. First of all, it is very important that the management of the home alarm control panel is completely intuitive and simple so that any user can quickly activate or deactivate it, especially in the face of a threat, since a control panel that is complicated to manage could complicate things in a moment of danger.

Technological progress has allowed endless devices to evolve and improve their interaction with users, becoming more intuitive and easier to make the adjustments relevant to their function. In this way, this device allows you to easily program up to 4 sets of timing for arming and disarming according to your needs. In addition, this model proceeds to automatically dial 6 previously saved preferred telephone numbers and up to 2 CID help numbers in case of activation of the alarm, which is a great advantage of this security system because it alerts the right people wherever they are.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning another of the most practical features that this device offers you and that is the built-in voice recording function, with which you can record a warning message of up to 10 seconds on the control panel, which is played automatically when the alarm is activated, which helps to scare away the thief. In addition, to this feature is added the possibility of controlling the system remotely, allowing you to monitor, arm and disarm the alarm from a long distance and only using a mobile phone, either through a text message or an APP.

Central panel and functions 

Finally, among so many important aspects to look at when choosing your next home alarm, the model and functions included in the control panel are one of the main ones. The central unit or control panel is the main component of surveillance systems, as it controls both the sensors and each of the system’s functions. Some models only have a keyboard to arm and disarm the alarm, while other more advanced models incorporate a screen with icons that allow for more interactive and intuitive control of the menu and system functions.

This is what is intended with this KERUGI brand home alarm system, not only offering a complete set of sensors for your home, but also providing a wide variety of features that, together with the components of the security system, makes this a very complete model. This control panel incorporates a practical full-color TFT LCD screen, which will allow you to clearly know the last 72 records that have been carried out for arming and disarming the alarm, as well as the last 102 moments in which the system has been activated.

On the other hand, the central control panel G18, although it does not allow a wireless connection, has support and compatibility with IP cameras, which you can connect to your mobile phone to view the area from anywhere. In addition, it allows the connection of an RFID keyboard, a wireless flashing solar siren and even a smart plug. Also, it has a practical reminder function that allows you to keep track of the time to turn the system on and off, as well as the possibility of immediately notifying when a low voltage or an tampering attempt occurs.

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