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Main advantage:  

Among the many advantages that this alarm has, we must highlight its affordable cost compared to other models on the market. In addition, its start-up and placement is really simple and the devices that make it up are discreet.


Main disadvantage:

It is important that you consider before purchasing the idea that the instruction manual is written only in English, which could limit the understanding of the information if you do not speak that language.


Verdict: 9.8/10

If you are looking for a free alarm to protect your home, business or office then this could be a good option for you.

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Main Features Explained


Efficiency and zone configuration

One of the drawbacks offered by this type of device, and for which some people have serious doubts about its placement in the home, is that they can send false alarms. These warnings usually happen when you have, for example, pets at home. 

In this sense, the W18 alarm has a fairly efficient system to avoid these inconveniences, which could affect your neighbors or generate stress in your day to day life. The success of the device is based on emitting the alarm only in the event that it is activated twice in 30 seconds. Also, this will only apply to spaces that have been configured as “intelligent zones”. 

Since we have talked a bit about the possibility of configuring zones, we will add that the system supports a total of 99 zones, but it also allows you to organize them into 8 types. This will give you more control over where the warning is coming from and how the alarm will behave. If you are wondering how this could be useful to you, we will say that, if you have, for example, an elderly person at home and it has been established as a risk that they have access to the stairs, you could find out if they have crossed this area.

This, of course, is in addition to the possibility of quickly and efficiently detecting when someone tries to violate the accesses to your home by manipulating locks or even the alarm itself.

Now, so that when you leave home you are calm and aware of everything that is happening, the product is capable of emitting an alarm signal and also sends voice and written messages to the numbers previously registered in the system. security. In the event that it fails to reach the first registered number, it will continue to perform an auto-dial function to the 6 different phone numbers previously configured.


It should be noted that among the security equipment on the market, the W18 model is characterized by providing a very complete kit of accessories, which will allow you to monitor the most vulnerable points of your home, such as entrances, gardens or terraces. 

Among the most important components supplied are 5 door and window sensors, 4 motion sensors, an IP camera, high volume siren (up to 110 dB) and a central control panel. As you can see, it has been designed to meet the needs of a standard home with several rooms and access to the outside.

Among other attractive features, it should be noted that the control panel can work either with batteries, or by means of direct connection to electricity. Thanks to this feature, it could work despite a power outage, alerting neighbors by activating the siren. In this way, any attempt to disable the alarm by cutting off the power supply to your home will be frustrated.

In addition, we must mention the 4 remote controls that are included with the purchase, with which family members who are at home can quickly alert their relatives in the event of an emergency.


We cannot forget to specify how this alarm will alert you effectively, even if you are outside your home, if someone breaks into your home; since among other features, this is what makes the security kit attractive. 

To achieve this, the KERUI alarm has connectivity via WiFi 2.4 Ghz, but it is also combined with the possibility of using it through GMS technology, which makes it versatile. 

In the case of communication via GSM, we want to indicate that you can configure it at 850, 900, 1800 or 1900 Mhz. Thus, you can adapt the network according to your particular needs. On the other hand, to be able to make automatic calls to registered numbers, the system is also compatible with a SIM card.


If you are worried that the way to access the functions of this alarm is complicated, you should know that its configuration panel has been designed so that you can enjoy a fairly intuitive use. It shows a color screen where you can view the menus, as well as a numeric keypad and some other function buttons, which will allow you to select which devices or sensors you currently have connected to your security network, as well as add others more that are compatible with the system. In this way, you can adapt it if your home has more rooms or in the future you make any changes to its spaces. You can also specify which area they belong to and adapt their function to your needs. 

In the same way you can add the active remote controls, the delay time that you want to stipulate to be able to enter the house and deactivate the alarm and many other things related to the use of the system in general. 

Finally, the system is also complemented by its application developed for mobile phones, where it will be possible to have various configurations at your fingertips and make changes to the zones that you have established in your home. You can activate and deactivate sensors, etc.

As you can see, for an investment of money that will not represent a very high outlay, you could well be calmer when you leave home, by implementing an alarm without fees like the one we have analyzed in this opportunity. 

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