Opinions about Krups Citrus Press ZX7000

Main advantage: 

It is an orange juicer with the capacity to create large volumes of juice at once and quickly, since its 130W motor is very efficient.

Main disadvantage: 

According to the opinions of some users, the price of the equipment is a bit high for the features it offers. In this sense, the upper part is very difficult to clean.

Verdict: 9.8/10 

It is one of the best orange juicers for an office or a home where orange juice is drunk daily and in large quantities.

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Main Features Explained


The juicer is made of top quality materials, both outside and inside. In this sense, the casing and the upper parts are made of stainless steel capable of withstanding the acidic juices of oranges without losing their properties. The stainless steel pulp filter is prepared for different types of citrus, so it does not get “clogged” due to accumulated debris and is easy to disassemble and clean. 

The orange juicer also has a tray for collecting drops, which can be removed and cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher, the purpose of this piece is that the juice is not wasted. 

On the other hand, the copper motor components are of high quality, designed to withstand continued use. It has a protection system against overheating and voltage surges.


Thanks to its 130W motor, this orange juicer has a very high power, so it is capable of extracting all the juice from an orange quickly and effortlessly. You can use it with the lever or, if you prefer, holding the fruit with your hand, so that the motor is in charge of doing all the work for you.

By having a robust copper motor you can use it every day for many hours, without losing power and without fear of burning out. To protect the internal parts, it has a series of thermal protections, so that the equipment stops automatically if the heat is too high.

In this sense, this orange juicer, thanks to its adjustable power, is capable of squeezing not only oranges, but also lemons and even grapefruit. Thanks to these characteristics, it is a device designed to give it strong and continuous use, whether in an office or in a hotel.

Modes of use

Thanks to its button, placed on the side, you can quickly and easily select between manual and automatic mode. In manual mode, you will be able to extract large amounts of juice effortlessly, thanks to the design of the juicer cone, which allows you to move the fruit without having to apply a large amount of force, making it an optimal mode for everyone and you allows you to save energy.

On the other hand, the electric mode has several speeds and is very simple to configure. In this sense, the use in automatic mode is even simpler, since you only have to place the fruit on the cone and lower the lid with the lever. In this way, you can get the most out of each piece of orange. The automatic mode has two directions of rotation to squeeze every last drop of juice.

In either of the two modes, you will enjoy its direct pouring system, which makes the juice fall directly into the glass. In this way you will not lose a drop of juice, while preventing it from falling on the ground or on any surface.


It is an orange juicer with a large and attractive design. Thanks to the stainless steel of its exterior parts, it is a very striking product, which looks very nice on a breakfast table in a hotel or office. In this sense, the lines are sober and classic, slightly rounded.

On the other hand, the design of the squeezer cone “cleans” the fruit completely, extracting the greatest amount of juice, without the need for great effort. 

Also, when you don’t use it, you can store it easily and in a small space, since almost all the parts are removable. Finally, it has a space for the self-coiling cable at the bottom.

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