Opinions about Legrand 369220

Main advantage: 

The video door entry mounting method, apart from being quite simple, will also allow you to improve your user experience, by being able to incorporate an additional interface for another pair of openers and the possibility of connecting up to four surveillance cameras.

Main disadvantage: 

The transmission from the camera to the screen can be inconvenient during rainy days, since the image is a bit delayed.

Verdict: 9.6/10

This video door entry system will catch your attention due to the elegant and modern aesthetics of both the screen and the external control module. Likewise, it stands out for its functions, resistance and easy assembly.

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Main Features Explained


We usually read in the descriptions of video door entry systems that they are equipment with a fairly simple and intuitive assembly that we can carry out ourselves with the help of the instruction manual. In a certain sense, this is true, but manufacturers usually refer to fixing brackets for placing the outdoor unit and screen on the wall. However, there is the factor of the electrical connection and the possibility of attaching more openers or cameras. The Legrand 369220 is a video door entry system made with two connection wires, which you will only need to connect with the wires corresponding to those of the existing bell in your home; hence, you will not need to incorporate a new wiring.

It is important to mention that this video intercom can be connected to two doors, as well as attaching a total of four cameras to have a perimeter vision without blind spots. Likewise, you must take into consideration that the distance between the interior and exterior modules must not exceed 100 meters.

This is a product that for an affordable price will offer you the possibility of being adapted to your needs of use, reasons why users have positioned it through their positive comments as one of the best video door entry systems.


The screen of a video door entry system is usually an area of ​​great importance, since on it we can monitor who is knocking on our door. In addition, through said unit, we will be able to program what the operation of the equipment is. That is why the purchase of a device of this type cannot be done lightly, and it is necessary to verify the main specifications of said unit. In this sense, you should not be guided solely by the acquisition price as a synonym for quality, since this can be somewhat uncertain. Instead, you will be able to refer to the user opinions of some of the buyers. 

For example, the Legrand 369220 video door entry systems have been widely accepted in the market due to the format, design and functions of their monitor. Thus, when you acquire one you will enjoy a 7” structure with dimensions corresponding to a height, width and thickness of 16.7 x 23.8 x 2.6 centimeters respectively. This is a fairly compact display for surface mount purposes, but is roomy when it comes to image size.

In addition, aesthetically it has an elegant appearance thanks to the mirror effect of the glass, while the touch menu offers a completely intuitive navigation method.

external control module

The attractive design and intuitive operation of the product’s external control module is another reason why this model from the Legrand house is among the best video door entry systems. 

About this structure we can comment that its height, width and thickness format is quite compact and light, offering dimensions of 10 x 16 x 4 centimeters. In this sense, the manipulation of the structure when carrying out the fixing process on the wall is much simpler, according to the opinions of the users.

The casing has a modern, elegant and even minimalist cut, whose manufacturing material has been treated with IP54 protection against deterioration caused by moisture, from exposure to the elements. It also offers vandal resistance thanks to its IK07 protection. 

On the other hand, an exterior camera with a wide angle corresponding to 95º stands out in the front area of ​​the structure. In the same way, the lens has been provided with infrared technology, designed to provide a correct night vision of the visitors who knock on the door or of those who enter and leave. In addition, this video door entry model incorporates a microphone, loudspeaker and a bell button with lighting system, to easily identify it.

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