Opinions about LG GSJ361DIDV

Main advantage:

It is a model that offers a large capacity of available space to store food and drinks, so it could be the one recommended for the needs of a large family. In addition, it offers you an elegant and modern design with American doors.

Main disadvantage:

The water dispenser and ice cube maker could be a bit noisy. However, it is an efficient refrigerator that fully fulfills its mission.

Verdict: 9.5/10

It is a refrigerator that has the support of a recognized brand. In addition, it offers you great space, comfort and a touch of elegance for any modern kitchen.

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Main Features Explained

Dimensions and capacity

If you have a large family and are looking for the best refrigerator to store large amounts of food, whether in its natural state or already prepared, this LG GSJ361DIDV refrigerator could cover all your cooling needs. You can store containers, boats, fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, dairy products and more.

It is one of the refrigerators with the best acceptance in the opinions of users who opt for a model of large size and capacity. In this sense, we have a refrigeration unit that offers a net capacity of up to 591 litres, which allows you to efficiently organize and store all types of food that require refrigeration.

Its capacity is distributed between its two large cooling zones. For the freezer area it offers a total storage of 197 liters and for the refrigerator it has a capacity that can reach 394 liters of available space. A great refrigerator with a price that is worth the investment.

Its dimensions are 179 cm high x 91.2 cm wide x 61 cm deep; measures that combine perfectly with modern kitchens located in homes or in spacious flats.

comfort and efficiency

It is a refrigerator that in addition to preserving your food in perfect condition, also offers you comfort; thanks to the fact that it has a practical water dispenser located on the outside of the freezer door. It is a plus that does not require expensive plumbing installations to be enabled, since it has an internal tank of 4 liters capacity. In addition, it not only provides fresh water, but also offers ice cubes to prepare smoothies or ice cream.

Likewise, it is a model that offers you an opening system for American doors. In this sense, the freezer has a door that covers its entire length and width; while the refrigerator is equipped with two independent doors (one upper and one lower).

This innovative opening style is characterized by providing the advanced Door-in-Door Slim Frame, which reduces cold air loss by up to 46.5% and increases interior space by 9%; while allowing you to access snacks and drinks more easily.

Likewise, the manufacturer has equipped this refrigerator with a powerful and efficient Inverter Linear Compressor motor; a key component in the functioning of the equipment. Thanks to its advanced technology, it is capable of effectively minimizing energy consumption and greatly reducing the vibration and noise typical of this type of device. Which is why it only generates 39 dB of noise.

functional design

It is a model that will make your kitchen shine with an elegant and modern touch, thanks to its avant-garde design and its stainless steel finishes; a material that provides distinction and durability to the equipment.

In terms of functionality, the innovative Moist Balance Crisper technology stands out, which preserves the moisture of food up to 20% more than other conventional models. For this reason, it has a compartment for the storage of fruits and vegetables that is made with small cells similar to a grid; It also has a tray that conserves water, which is subsequently released in the form of small drops on the food, achieving an optimal humidity environment to preserve its freshness.

In addition to this, its design has LED lighting both in the refrigerator and in the freezer, which favors better visibility of its interior. It also offers an external display for intuitive handling. On the other hand, it has an open door alarm that reminds you to close it if you forget. Also, in order to prevent little ones from having access to the refrigerator, LG has equipped it with a child lock mechanism.

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