Opinions about Luminarc Diwali

Main advantage:

This set of crockery is made with quality materials, including extra resistant opal glass, it is also available in white and a total of 19 pieces are supplied.

Main disadvantage:

To mention a downside about this model, it is important that you know that the salad bowl could be a little wider so that you can serve the salad comfortably.

Verdict: 9.8/10

If you want to have at your disposal a special crockery to use at home whenever you want, this model could be the one for you, since it stands out among many for its resistance and quality.

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Main Features Explained


Tableware has always been an essential kitchen utensil in it to serve each type of food that you decide to taste, that is why when looking at a specific model in the market, we must not only take into account the price that it possesses, but also each of the characteristics that it has to offer you in order to corroborate even its quality.

In this sense, in the case of a set of tableware, the manufacturing material with which it is made is a very important detail that you should not overlook, since only in this way could you verify how long a useful life it could offer you. as time goes by and you keep it in constant use.

In this way, the Luminarc brand has for you a beautiful set of tableware available in white and made of extra resistant opal glass. During its elaboration, this material is usually heated to very high temperatures and then it is quickly cooled through a process known as tempering, which is why it is considered very strong and thick enough for tableware.

For its part, it is important to mention that thanks to the manufacturing material included in this product, it is capable of withstanding numerous shocks without breaking, which is a very useful quality in this type of tableware.

microwave safe

Being able to acquire a set of crockery that is totally practical and functional is important, since it is a product that will remain in constant use as it is part of the most essential utensils in a kitchen.

In this sense, it should be noted that Luminarc has designed a very resistant set of crockery as it can withstand sudden changes in temperature, this detail is undoubtedly appropriate, since sometimes you will surely need to store some food fresh from the oven, or on the contrary it could present the fact that you have to wash a dish while it is still hot due to rapid or sudden use.

For its part, we cannot ignore the fact that this model can be considered the best crockery available on the market, as it is a product suitable for reheating your food using an appliance as practical as the microwave, without causing damage to its structure.


According to the opinions of some users, this set of tableware has a modern and simple design, since it is a model of plates without a wing that has a beautiful white color in its structure.

On the other hand, Luminarc puts at your disposal a total of 19 pieces that are characterized by being practical and having a large useful surface to serve different types of food, considering that 6 plates are flat and 25 centimeters in diameter, while other plates they are deep, without wings and 20 centimeters and the last 6 are special dessert plates of 19 centimeters in diameter each. Likewise, this model has a salad bowl of 21 centimeters in diameter.

For its part, this crockery offers you the possibility of carrying out a comfortable, fast and effective cleaning process as it is suitable for washing in the dishwasher. In addition, you will be interested to know that after its manufacture, some tests were carried out in an Arc International laboratory where it was shown that the quality of each plate is considerable, being able to resist even the various attacks provided by the use of this type of device.

Best of all, when it comes to storage, you can comfortably store this crockery in the space you decide in your kitchen, since the plates are stackable by design. Therefore, this action will not be a problem for you.

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