Opinions about Monix Solid

Main advantage:

Solid+ is a simple saucepan, but with everything you need so you can use it comfortably in any kitchen. In addition, it is compatible with different cooking methods for greater practicality.

Main disadvantage:

Don’t overlook the fact that it’s a low-cut pan, so it wouldn’t be a good choice if you want to make full-fledged soups for the whole family, for example.

Verdict: 9.7/10

If you are looking for an attractive, resistant and good quality saucepan, we invite you to take into account what this Monix product has for you.

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Main Features Explained


size and capacity

The opinions of some users agree that, in order to acquire the best saucepan, the first thing that must be evaluated is its size, since this will indicate its capacity. With these data you will be able to know how useful this instrument will be in your kitchen and if it will be suitable to satisfy your needs.

Monix is ​​a popular choice among cooks, so its Solid+ saucepan is an eye-catching alternative that you should consider. It is a model of 32 centimeters in diameter, wide enough for you to prepare a delicious stew for lunch.

At the bottom, the saucepan is 5.5 millimeters thick with an integrated insert to make it compatible with different types of cooking systems and a height of 24.5 centimeters that will be comfortable for preparing consommés. This size gives it a capacity of approximately 5 litres, making it a very practical saucepan for domestic use.

On the other hand, it weighs just 2 kilograms, a feature that will help you handle it safely while it is in the fire, even if it is loaded with food, as well as handle it with skill and comfort when washing it.

Manufacturing materials

In order to choose a good model among so many saucepans available on the market, it is very important to take into account what materials were used in its manufacture. You can usually find models in aluminum, steel, ceramic, and more, some with better compatibility for use with various types of cooktops than others.

But don’t worry too much if you have been interested in the option offered by the Monix brand, since, for an affordable price, you can purchase its Solid+ model saucepan, a product that stands out for having robust and reliable manufacturing materials.

This pan is made from a single piece of cast aluminum so it’s sturdy enough to withstand constant use and will have a long life overall. In addition to this, aluminum has a non-stick layer responsible for preventing your food from sticking when cooking.

In addition to this, a ferritic disc made of stainless steel has been integrated into the bottom of the pan, which makes it compatible with gas, electric or induction cookers, so that you can use it without problems in almost any type of cuisine available in the market.

pan accessories

If you want to make better use of the money that you are going to invest in the acquisition of a new saucepan for your kitchen, it may be of interest to you to consider the accessories that could be included with your purchase. Some of them can help you either use it more safely or hold it firmly.

In the case of the Monix cast aluminum saucepan, in its box you will find, in addition to the saucepan, a glass lid that will fit smoothly on top, so you can boil food, preserve vapors, avoid splashes or simply storing leftover food.

This lid is made of glass and has a pressure release hole to prevent liquids from spilling. On the other hand, it also has a rigid rubber knob resistant to heat and capable of staying semi-cool to the touch, so that you can safely uncover the pan when you are cooking.

Another quite practical accessory included with the purchase of this saucepan model is the removable handles. These inserts are designed to sit above the pan handles so you can hold the pan when it’s hot. It should be noted that aluminum is a heat-conducting metal, so when using the saucepan in the kitchen, its integrated handles will heat up to the point that if you touch them with your bare hand you could suffer serious burns. But don’t worry, with these silicone handles you can take the pan safely.

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