Opinions about Mouinex Optimo Ox484810

Main advantage:

The most outstanding thing about this convection oven is its power and capacity, which allow the preparation of more than one dish simultaneously, combining the layout of the rack and/or the tray in the 8 levels available in its design.

Main disadvantage:

This model does not have an internal lighting system, so you will be able to observe the progress of the preparation through the glass of its door without additional lighting.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is a convection oven with a thermostat, timer and 6 cooking functions that allow the preparation of a variety of savory and sweet dishes.

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Main Features Explained



The Moulinex brand stands out for creating products that facilitate kitchen work. That is why this convection oven model can be adapted to your lifestyle and be an ally in the kitchen to prepare the dishes you enjoy so much, as well as heat food and make your life easier.

Analyzing in detail, this product has been designed to provide a good user experience. In this sense, it has a power of 2,000 W and a capacity of 39 liters for the preparation of dishes, even allowing you to bake two recipes simultaneously, thus saving time and energy.

On the other hand, the grid can be placed at different levels, to choose the most suitable one according to the recipe to be prepared. With them you can bake from poultry and fish, to pizzas, breads and desserts. For these reasons, it stands out among other convection ovens on the market, thus being an attractive purchase alternative.

Likewise, thanks to their external dimensions of 56x40x36.5 cm and 9 kg of weight, they allow light handling and placement on the kitchen counter for immediate access when baking. In addition, it has a vintage-style design that harmonizes easily in any kitchen.


It should be noted that users have rated this Optimo OX484810 model of the Moulinex brand among the best convection ovens. This may be because it is affordable and well-reviewed, because it works efficiently and heats up quickly, which translates into lower power consumption and therefore money savings.

Speaking a little more about its functionality, we can mention that this oven has 6 cooking modes, to choose the one that best suits the style of food preparation and user preference. The first is the convection mode, for uniform cooking and in less time, thanks to the circulation of heat caused by a fan located at the rear of the oven. It also provides traditional cooking modes, grill, pastry, bain-marie, and defrosting, to be used according to the food and the way of preparing each recipe.

In addition, it has a temperature regulator from 100 to 240ºC that, together with the timer from 15 to 120 minutes, allows you to forget about cooking times. Thus, once you establish these two parameters, you will be able to focus your attention on other activities, knowing that the oven will notify you through a sound that the time has expired and the oven has turned off.

Materials and accessories

If you are looking for a convection oven that has been manufactured with quality materials, that give it durability and practical maintenance; this model from the French brand Moulinex could be one of those that provides these important qualities. In this sense, its accessories and fixed parts are easy to clean, since it is not a problem to remove dirt from splashes and spills.

Specifically, with regard to the materials of this oven, it should be noted that it has been manufactured with black enameled metal material, a glass door that allows food to be viewed at all times and some chrome finishes on both the handle and on the three control knobs. In addition, it has a non-stick coating on the inner walls of the oven, to facilitate cleaning.

As for the accessories, it comes with a reversible stainless steel grid and a non-stick tray, with which you can bake and use according to the preparations and foods that you want to cook or heat. If you are wondering if these removable elements are compatible with the dishwasher, the answer is favourable, since they can be cleaned in this appliance without any problem, or if you prefer, manually with water and a little detergent.

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