Opinions about Nespresso Delonghi Inissia En80 B

Main advantage:  

This coffee maker has a system called Thermoblock, which will allow you to heat the water in a very short time, so that you could enjoy a rich and well-made coffee in just 25 seconds. For its part, the automatic shutdown system will help you save energy at home.


Main disadvantage:

To mention a downside about this appliance, you must take into account that the water tank can only hold 700 milliliters of water inside, therefore, if your family is large, it would be good for you to look at another model with a greater capacity.


Verdict: 9.8/10

If you are looking for a practical and compact coffee maker, this model may be the most convenient option for you.

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Main Features Explained



In addition to the price, the design and the different features that the coffee machine that you like the most can offer you, the power with which it works also matters, since it will depend a lot on it that you can enjoy a delicious coffee in the shortest possible time.

Thus, we have decided to talk a little about this technical specification of the Inissia EN80.B since during its use it works with a power of 1260 watts, which provides adequate operation at all times, while its voltage is 230 volts. total.

It should also be noted that this could be the best De’Longhi coffee maker because it is a type A certified appliance, which means 50% less energy consumption compared to other models and makes it much more attractive.

For its part, unlike other coffee machines that only work with 15 bars of pressure, we must mention that this one, like very few, does so with 19 bars of pressure, which means that you could get the preparation of an intense and aromatic coffee.


De’Longhi coffee makers exist in several models, therefore, at the time of purchase you must take into account the design of the model that you like the most, so that you can determine if it really fits your needs and the space you have in home or office. Thus, you could position it without causing any discomfort.

In this way we have decided to talk to you first about the design of the Inissia EN80.B considering in the first instance that, according to the opinions of many users, it is one of the most compact. Reason why it is usually the first option to have it on hand in the office or in homes with little space.

That’s right, the dimensions of this model are 12 x 32 x 23 centimeters, which means that it would not take up much space on your counter, being its width just 12 centimeters in total. For its part, the weight is only 2.4 kilograms, which means that you could change its position or take it from one place to another with total comfort because it is very light.

As for its structure, we must mention the fact that it has been made of stainless steel, which is a model capable of giving you a long useful life, as long as you give it the care it needs. But that is not all, it is also important that you know that this coffee maker is available in three different colors, so that you can choose the one that best suits the decoration present in your kitchen, in this sense these colors are black, red and the cream.



Before buying a coffee maker, looking at how functional it could be for each use you give it would not hurt, since in this way you could finish checking if the model you are about to choose would be the one for you or not.

That being the case, it is important that you first know that this coffee maker has an automatic shutdown system, which will come into operation after a total of 9 minutes have elapsed without detecting any type of activity. This detail would undoubtedly help you save energy at home or in the office significantly.

Likewise, it is also equipped with a system called Thermoblock which allows it to heat the water very quickly, so that you can enjoy a well-made coffee in just 25 seconds of your time, therefore, its purchase would not be bad at all if you are from those people with tight time every day.

As if that were not enough, during use the used capsules are automatically ejected into a compartment that has a capacity for 11 empty capsules, while its water tank is capable of holding a total of 700 milliliters inside.

Last but not least, you should know that this coffee maker has a removable anti-drip tray that will allow you to easily use cups of different sizes when preparing coffee.

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